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Grove GMK3060L

published 6 Nov 23

Easton, Massachusetts, United States
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65US tn
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One (1) 2023 Grove GMK3060L-1, S/N: 3060-7192, 65-Ton Capacity Hydraulic All Terrain Crane with 6x4x6 Carrier


- 32 Ft to 157.5 Ft 7-Section Hydraulic Pinned Main Boom

- Five Sheave Boom Nose

- 29 Ft to 49 Ft Bi-Fold Swingaway

- Swingaway Hydraulically Offsets from 0 to 40 Degrees Including testing, calibration of RCL and load charts

- 6 x 4 x 6 LHD including Anti-lock brakes

- T4F/ Euromot 5 Cummins Engine

- Six 525/80 R25 on / off highway radial tires on aluminium rims 6x6x6 Drive/Steer.

- Electric driveline retarder.

- MAXbase - variable positioning outriggers.

- 2 work lights, mounted on top of boom base section

- Boom mounted aircraft warning light

- Wind Speed Indicator

- Preparation for auxiliary hoist including hydraulics and electrics.

- Additional oil cooler for hydraulic system.

- Automatic centralized lubrication for the superstructure.

- Camera system for hoists.

- Additional display for hoist camera

- LED worklights for each outrigger beam

- 3 sheave 44 ton hookblock with single hook and dead end.

- 1 sheave 18 ton hookblock with single hook and dead end.

- Single line 9 ton overhaul weight (overhaul full system length of 207ft)

- Retractable cab footwalk.

- Additional spotlight on rear side of carrier for reversing.

- Electric windows, central locking system, 5V USB port

- Curtains for carrier cab - side windows and windshield

- LED worklights for each outrigger beam

- Reversing camera system.

- External starting outlet.

- Fire extinguisher 11 lbs mounted inside the cab.

- Stereo radio with bluetooth, USB and CD player.

- Air conditioning - carrier and superstructure cabs.

- Turn table mounted tool box. 

- Comfort seat with adjustable suspension, seat heating, pneumatically controlled lumbar support and adjustable seating.

- Turn table mounted stowage box

- Engine Hours: Approx. 60 (9/18/23)

- PTO Hours: Approx. 30 (9/18/23)

- Mileage: 122 miles (9/18/23)

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All Terrain Crane for Sale or Rent - Grove GMK3060L

Shawmut Equipment Company offers the versatile Grove GMK3060L all-terrain crane for sale or rent. With its exceptional lifting capabilities and advanced features, this crane is ideal for various construction and industrial projects.

The Grove GMK3060L crane boasts a feather jib with a length of 157 feet, allowing for extended reach and flexibility. It is equipped with a reliable horometer with 54 hours of operation, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

This crane does not come with a superlift or luffing jib, but it has a maximum load capacity of 65 tons, making it suitable for a wide range of lifting tasks. Its impressive lifting capacity ensures that even the heaviest loads can be handled with ease and precision.

The year of manufacture for this Grove crane is 2023, guaranteeing the use of the latest technology and safety features. It is currently located in Easton, Massachusetts, United States.

Shawmut Equipment Company, a reputable and trusted supplier, offers the Grove GMK3060L crane to meet the needs of contractors and construction professionals. For more information about this crane and other available options, visit Shawmut Equipment Company website.


Easton, Massachusetts, United States

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