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Grove GMK5250XL-1

published 6 Dec 23

Baltimore, Maryland, United States
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300US tn
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One (1) New 2023 Grove GMK5250XL-1, S/N: 5250-9601, 300 Ton Capacity Hydraulic All Terrain Crane with 10 x 6 x 10 Carrier:


- 44 Ft to 258 Ft 8-Section Hydraulic Pinned Main Boom

- Seven Sheave Boom Nose

- Auxiliary Boom Nose for Single Part Line

- 36.7 Ft to 58.3 Ft Bi-Fold Swingaway

- Swingaway Hydraulically Offsets from 0 to 50 Degrees

- 26.2 Ft Lattice Boom Extension

- 26.2 Ft Lattice Jib Extension

- CCS Rated Capacity Indicator w/ Graphic Display

- Additional Display for Hoist Camera

- Full Vision Hydraulically Tiltable Operator's Cab

- Comfort Seat w/ Adjustable Suspension

- Comfort Package: Table, Tablet and Smart Phone Stowage

- Armrest Mounted Dual Axis Crane Control Joysticks

- Simulated Open Hydraulic Circuit for Slewing w/ Foot Pedal

- Stereo Radio/CD Player w/ Bluetooth in Both Cabs

- Air Conditioning in Both Carrier & Superstructure Cabs

- Mercedes OM 471LA Tier 4F Diesel Engine

- Main and Auxiliary Hoists w/ Drum Rotation Indicators

- 984 Ft 22 mm Wire Rope for Main Hoist

- 1,082 Ft 22 mm Wire Rope for Auxiliary Hoist

- Oil Coolers for Carrier & Superstructure

- Automatic Interval Controlled Central Lubrication

- 176,300 Lbs Total Counterweight

- MAXbase Variable Positioning Outriggers

- Outrigger Length Control

- Hydraulic Disconnect for All Outrigger Beams

- Steel Outrigger Pads

- Mercedes G280 Transmission, 16 Speeds Forward, 2 Reverse

- VIAB Turbo Clutch w/ Integrated Hydraulic Retarder

- Megatrak Hydropneumatic Suspension

- 525/80 R25 On / Off Highway Radial Tires on Aluminum Rims

- Reversing Camera System

- Two (2) Additional Spotlights on Rear of Carrier for Reversing

- Two Worklights Mounted on Top of Boom Base Section

- Boom Mounted Aircraft Warning Light (Permanent or Flashing)

- Cover Package for Carrier Bottom Protection, Hose Reel Cover, Cable Reel Cover and Valve Bank Cover

- Trailing Boom Float Kit w/ Anti-Roll Kit

- Emergency Operation without Transformer

- External Starting Outlet

- 138 Ton 5 Sheave Hookblock & 35 Ton Single Sheave Hookblock

- 13 Ton Overhaul Ball

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All Terrain Crane Grove GMK5250XL-1 for Sale or Rent

This Grove GMK5250XL-1 all terrain crane is available for sale or rent at Shawmut Equipment Company. With a maximum load capacity of 300 tons, this crane is a versatile and powerful solution for a wide range of lifting tasks. It features jibs for extended reach and flexibility, while the absence of a superlift and luffing jib allows for simpler operation and reduced setup time.

Manufactured in 2023, this crane is equipped with the latest technology and safety features to ensure reliable and efficient performance. Whether you need to lift heavy machinery, construction materials, or other heavy loads, the Grove GMK5250XL-1 is capable of handling the job with ease.

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Shawmut Equipment Company specializes in providing high-quality cranes and lifting equipment for sale or rent. Their team of experienced professionals can assist you in finding the right crane for your specific needs and requirements.

For more information about this all terrain crane and to explore other available options, visit the Shawmut Equipment Company website at


Baltimore, Maryland, United States

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