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Crane media 1
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Grove GMK6400-1

published 24 Apr 24

Easton, Massachusetts, United States
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Metric / Imperial
Max load cap.: 
450US tn
Luffing jib: 
Super lift: 

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*Stock Image. Not Actual Equipment.

2024 Grove GMK6400-1, S/N: 6400-4045, 450 Ton Capacity Hydraulic All Terrain Crane with 12 x 8 x 12 Carrier, Equipped As Shown Below:

- 51 Ft to 197 Ft 5-Section Hydraulic Pinned Main Boom

- Seven Sheave Boom Nose

- Auxiliary Boom Nose 

- Mega-Wing-Lift System

- 82 Ft to 259 Ft Luffing Jib and 39 Ft to 210 Ft Fixed / Offsettable Jib (3° to 25°)

- Includes Spreader to Use Luffing Jib with MWL

- 3.3 Ft Adapter Which Can Be Used to Make Up 13.1 Ft or 24.6 Ft Heavy Duty Jib

- Rigging Winch for Luffing Jib or Fixed / Offsettable Jib

- CCS Rated Capacity Indicator w/ Graphic Display 

- Full Vision Hydraulically Tiltable Operator's Cab

- Comfort Seat w/ Adjustable Suspension

- Comfort Package: Table, Tablet and Smart Phone Stowage 

- Armrest Mounted Dual Axis Crane Control Joysticks

- Stereo Radio w/ Bluetooth in Both Cabs

- Air Conditioning in Both Carrier & Superstructure Cabs

- Mercedes OM 473LA Tier 4F Diesel Engine

- Main and Auxiliary Hoists w/ Drum Rotation Indicators

- 1,247 Ft 24 mm Wire Rope for Main Hoist 

- 2,264 Ft 24 mm Wire Rope for Auxiliary Hoist

- Oil Coolers for Carrier & Superstructure

- 297,500 Lbs Total Counterweight 

- MAXbase Variable Positioning Outriggers

- Outrigger Length Control

- Hydraulic Disconnect for All Outrigger Beams

- Removable Rear Outrigger Box

- Steel Outrigger Pads

- ZF TraXon 12, Electronic Automatic Shifting

- Hydraulic Retarder Integrated in Gear Box (Intarder)

- Megatrak Hydropneumatic Suspension

- 525/80 R25 On / Off Highway Radial Tires on Steel Rims

- Reversing Camera System

- Two (2) Additional Spotlights on Rear of Carrier for Reversing 

- Two Worklights Mounted on Top of Boom Base Section

- Boom Mounted Aircraft Warning Light (Flashing)

- Cover Package for Carrier Bottom Protection, Hose Reel Cover and Cable Reel Cover 

- Trailing Boom Float Kit w/ Trailing Boom Boost

- Emergency Operation without Transformer 

- External Starting Outlet

- 176 Ton, 5 Sheave Hookblock, Double Hook

- 44 Ton, 1 Sheave Hookblock, Single Hook

- 18 Ton Overhaul Ball, Single Hook


Easton, Massachusetts, United States

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