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Liebherr LTM 1300-6.2

published 14 Jun 23

Inter. Rent

Metric / Imperial
Max load cap.: 
360US tn
Boom length: 
Max radius: 
Jib 1: 
Jib 2: 
Luffing jib: 
Super lift: 

Manzar Shah

Publication description

Available for North American market with RPO.

LTM 1300-6.2 - Powerful with an innovative drive concept.

The design of the LTM 1300-6.2 saw the first development of an innovative drive concept – the engine in the undercarriage powers the superstructure using a mechanical shaft. This eliminates the need for a second engine. This means one less engine and therefore significantly reduced maintenance costs. The lower weight can be used to increase lifting capacity. On the one hand it is a simple, classic folding jib crane whilst on the other it is a small luffing jib crane on the market for crane operators with a low cost entry point into the luffing jib crane class. It also features high performance, economy and variable boom systems.

Technical data

Max. load capacity

360 US t

at radius

10 ft

Telescopic boom from

48 ft

Telescopic boom up to

256 ft

Lattice jib from

18 ft

Lattice jib up to

230 ft

Drive engine/make


Drive engine


Drive engine/power

619 hp

Number of axles


Drive/Steering standard

12 x 6 x 12

Drive/Steering option

12 x 8 x 12

Driving speed

53.00 mph

Total ballast

211,650 lb

What's inside

·        Single-engine concept:

The first mobile crane with an innovative single-engine concept reduces maintenance costs significantly.

·        Completely flexible:

VarioBase® enables the crane to be supported flexibly and as required – enhancing safety and lifting capacity.

·        Simple:

Activating the automatic erection system in the crane control system ensures that the adjustment winch is adjusted automatically as the telescopic boom is luffed.

·        Flexible at any height:

Infinite flexibility thanks to a wide, variable range of boom systems.

·        A great view:

Fast, safe set-up process for the crane using BTT remote control. Optional BTT-E remote control means that the crane can be controlled in a direct line of sight whilst in action.

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All terrain cranes for rent

Looking for a reliable all-terrain crane for your next project? Consider the Liebherr LTM 1300-6.2. With a maximum load capacity of 360 tons, this crane has the power and capability to handle even the most demanding jobs. It features a 256-foot feather jib, allowing for increased reach and flexibility on-site. The crane also boasts a maximum radius of 300 feet, ensuring that it can easily access hard-to-reach areas.

Equipped with advanced technology and safety features, the Liebherr LTM 1300-6.2 is a top choice for construction professionals. Although it does not have a superlift or luffing jib, its impressive technical specifications make it a versatile option for various projects.

For more information on the technical data of the crane, please visit the Liebherr website.

The Liebherr LTM 1300-6.2 is available for rent in France. Contact SAS & ASM Crane Rental to inquire about availability and pricing. Rent this powerful all-terrain crane and complete your projects with ease and efficiency.

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