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Link Belt 298 Series II

published 28 Jul 23

Independence, Ohio, United States
For sale

Metric / Imperial
Max load cap.: 
250US tn
Boom length: 
Luffing jib: 
Super lift: 

Shaune Rados

Publication description

2023 Link-Belt 298 Series II

Manufacturer: Link-Belt

Model: 298 Series II

Condition: New

Year: 2023

Boom Length: 290'

Capacity: 250 USt

Price: On Request

Seller Notes:

Lattice Crawler Crane 250 USt @ 15', 60'-290' main boom length, 30'-90' fixed jib length. 10°, 20° & 30° fixed jib offsets. 53,306 maximum pull. 11-piece modular counter weight system with remote control operated hydraulic removal system.

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Crawler cranes for sale

Looking for a reliable crawler crane for your construction projects? Check out the Link Belt 298 Series II crawler crane available for sale at ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp. With its impressive features and capabilities, this crane is perfect for heavy-duty lifting tasks.

The crane comes with a range of jibs, including a 290-feather jib that provides greater flexibility and reach. It also features a superLift option for enhanced lifting capacity. The crane has a maximum load capacity of 250 tons, making it suitable for handling large and heavy materials.

Built for efficiency and durability, the Link Belt 298 Series II crawler crane promises exceptional performance. With a horometer reading of 0, you can be assured of its newness and reliability. Its advanced technology and robust construction ensure smooth and safe operations.

The crane is manufactured in 2023, ensuring modern equipment and the latest industry standards. It is available in Independence, Ohio, United States, making it easily accessible for your projects in the region.

ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp is a recognized industry leader in crane rental and sales. With their expertise and experience, you can trust their products for your lifting needs. Visit to learn more about the crawler cranes they offer.


Independence, Ohio, United States

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