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published 16 Nov 23

Easton, Massachusetts, United States
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165US tn

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2023 Manitowoc MLC150-1, S/N: 9150-1028, 165 Ton Capacity Lattice Boom Crawler Crane


- 157.5 Ft Boom Including 49.2 Ft Basic Boom

    (1) 9.8 Ft, (1) 19.7 Ft and (2) 39.4 Ft Inserts

- Detachable Upper Boom Point

- Two Equal Width Main Drums

- 1,063 Ft of 26 mm Wire Rope on Front Drum

- 830 Ft of 26 mm Wire Rope on Rear Drum

- 623 Ft of 26 mm Wire Rope on AUX 3rd Drum

- Drum Rotation Indicators

- Power Hoisting / Lowering on Both Drums

- Free Fall on Both Drums

- Self Erect Option

- Series 2 Counterweight (145,500 lbs. Total)

- 48-Inch-Wide Cast Steel Crawler Pads

- Cummins QSB6.7 325 HP Tier 4f Diesel Engine

- Crane Control System w/ Two Full Graphic Displays, Jog Dial and Ergonomic Joysticks

- Travel and Swing Alarms

- Mirror Package

- Drum Viewing Mirror

- Fully Enclosed Operators Cab with Cab Tilt

- Crane Level Indicator in Cab

- Cab Radio

- Air Conditioning in Operator’s Cab

- Auto-Lube for Turntable Bearing

- Rotating Bed Mounted 3rd Drum

- Boom Top Wire Rope Guide Assy

- Free Spool Option to Allow 3rd Drum to Pay Out

- Cold Weather Package

- Wind Speed Indicator

- 93.7 Ton 3 Sheave Hookblock

- 33.1 Ton Single Sheave Hookblock

- 16.5 Ton Overhaul Ball

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Crawler cranes, MANITOWOC, MLC150-1 for sale or rent

This crawler crane model, the MANITOWOC MLC150-1, is available for sale or rent. With a maximum load capacity of 165 tons, it is suitable for a wide range of heavy lifting applications. The crane has a capacity of 165 tons and was manufactured in the year 2023, ensuring that it incorporates the latest technological advancements and safety features.

The crane is currently located in Easton, Massachusetts, United States. If you are looking to acquire a reliable and high-performance crane, this MLC150-1 model is an excellent choice. It is meticulously maintained by Shawmut Equipment Company, a renowned provider of quality equipment in the industry.

Shawmut Equipment Company has a stellar reputation for offering exceptional customer service and reliable equipment. With their expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust that the MLC150-1 crawler crane will meet and exceed your lifting requirements.

Whether you need a crawler crane for short-term rental or long-term purchase, this MANITOWOC MLC150-1 is a versatile and reliable option. Contact Shawmut Equipment Company today to learn more about this crane and how it can benefit your construction or lifting projects.


Easton, Massachusetts, United States

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