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Crawler cranes

Sany SCA1000A

published 17 Aug 23

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
USD 699,000
For sale

Metric / Imperial
Max load cap.: 
110US tn
Boom length: 
Jib 1: 
Luffing jib: 
Super lift: 

Joe Perez

Publication description

(3) New SANY America Hydraulic Crawler Crane model SCA1000A

(110-ton US)

Plus 3-Year Factory Warranty!!!!!

Save Thousands on Price, Stock unit's Only Summer

Discount on 2023

Complete with standard options including:

• Boom: 210 ft

• Fixed Jib: 60 ft

• Auxiliary Main Boom Nose

• Hoist: Main & Auxiliary

• 3rd Drum

• LMI System

• Block: 100t 5-sheave, 50t 3-sheave, 25t 1-sheave

• Ball: 13.50t

• Engine: Model: Cummins QSL9-C334 Diesel engine, Type: 4-stroke, water-cooled,

Vertical in-line 6 cylinders, direct injection, turbocharger, intercooler, complied with

European Off-way Tier IV Emission Standard, displacement: 8.9L, Rated power 249kw/2100rpm, Operation power: 247kW/1800rpm, Max. Torque: 1424N·


• Electrical Control System Self-developed SYIC-II integrated control system is adopted with

Higher integration, precise operation and reliable quality, Control system consists of

Power system, engine system, main control system, LMI system, auxiliary system

And safety monitoring system. CAN BUS is used for data communication between

Controller, monitor and the engine, Monitor: the working parameters and status are

Shown on the monitor, such as the engine speed, fuel volume, engine oil pressure,

Servo pressure, engine working hours, lifting conditions and boom angle.

• Cab and Control: Novel operator's cab with fashionable profile, nice interior and large

Window glass. There are low and high-beam lights, back-view mirror, heater and A/C,

Radio and other functions. The layout of seat, handles, control buttons are designed

With ergonomic principles to make operation more comfortable, Cab layout: Integrated 10.4inch touch screen, programmable smart switches, and man-machine interaction

Interface are more improved, Armrest box: on the left and right armrest box are control

Handles, electrical switches, emergent stop and ignition switch, the armrest box can be

Adjusted along with the seat, seat: multi-way and multi-level floating adjustable seat with

Unload switch, A/C: cool and heat air; optimized air channels and vents, Multiple

Cameras can present on the monitor at the same time to realize backing video, real-time

Monitoring of wire rope on each winch, conditions behind the counterweight and

Surrounding the machine

• Counterweight: Counterweight tray and blocks are piled up for easier assembly and transport

Rear counterweight is self-assembled, total 31.2t, Self-assembled counterweight: tray

9.9t×1, left counterweight block 3.45t×3, and right counterweight block 3.45t × 3, cylinder

Bracket 0.6x1, Carbody counterweight: 5.5t×2 at the front and rear of carbody

• Crawler Extension and Retraction the crawlers can extend and retract via cylinders. During Work

Mode, the crawlers must be extended, and retracted during transport with crawlers on

When there are no restrictions

• Anemometer: It is mounted on the top of boom/jib, and displayed on the monitor in the


• Electronic Level Gauge It displays the tipping angle of crane on the monitor in real time, Protecting the machine from dangerous situation

• Warranty: 3-year 3,000-hour Factory Warranty

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Crawler Crane for Sale - Sany SCA1000A

Looking for a reliable crawler crane for your construction projects? Check out the Sany SCA1000A crawler crane available for sale at CraneCo Crane Sales. With its impressive capabilities and top-notch performance, this crane is perfect for heavy lifting and challenging job sites.

The Sany SCA1000A crawler crane comes with a range of features that enhance its efficiency and productivity. Equipped with a 60-meter jib and a maximum load capacity of 110 tons, this crane can handle a variety of lifting tasks with ease. Whether you need to lift heavy machinery or materials, this crane has got you covered.

Featuring a 210-feather luffing jib and zero horometer reading, this crane is practically brand new. It offers exceptional precision and control, ensuring safe and accurate operation on any job site. Plus, its advanced technology and reliable components guarantee reliable performance and minimal downtime.

Manufactured in 2022, this Sany SCA1000A crawler crane is in excellent condition, ready to tackle your toughest projects. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States, CraneCo Crane Sales is a reputable company known for its quality cranes and exceptional customer service.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a high-performing crawler crane. Contact CraneCo Crane Sales today to inquire about the Sany SCA1000A crawler crane and take your construction projects to the next level.


Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

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