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Industrial Carry Deck Cranes

Broderson IC200-3J

published 18 Jan 23

Performance Drive, 7021, Syracuse, New York, United States
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Max load cap.: 
15US tn
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Luke Lonergan

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Year: 2024

Manufacturer: BRODERSON

Model: IC200-3J

Condition: New



Height 8'

Width 7' 10-1/2"

Main Boom 50'

Lifting Capacity 30,000 lbs. (15 Tons)

Max Tip Height 73' 8" (with Boom Extension)

Boom Rotation 360° Continuous

Gross Vehicle Weight 31,080 lbs. (14,100 kg)

Capacity on Outriggers 30,000 lbs (16,330 kg)

Pick and Carry Capacity 17,000 lbs (8,400 kg)

Self-Loading Carry Deck Capacity 17,000 lbs (centered)

Height 8’ (2.45 m)

Width 7’ 10.5" (2.4 m)

Maximum Tip Height 73' 8" (22.5 m)

Maximum Horizontal Reach 66' (20.1 m)

Major Standard Features

Self-Loading Carry Deck crane increases the range of current and potential future applications.

3 or 4-Section Boom with a continuous 360 degree swing rotation turret. Simple, rugged worm drive gear box results in greater reliability.

Hoisting with a hydraulically-powered turret-mounted planetary gear system provides all the low speed power to lift heavy loads, yet also a high speed setting for faster cycle times when lifting lighter loads.

Hydraulic Power is provided by a direct driven tandem pump delivering 29 gpm.

Rated Capacity Limiter warns the operator of impending overload with audible and visual signals, and stops boom functions in the event of overloads.

Multiple Steering Configurations: 2-Wheel, 4-wheel or crab steering. Electronic sensors and control box automatically align the steering when a new mode is selected.

EPA Tier 4 Dual Fuel or Diesel Engine available.

Powershift Transmission, with 4 speeds forward and reverse, minimizes bumps and jolts during shifting that is possible at any engine speed in any gear.

Heavy Duty Chassis Frame provides a front deck carrying capacity of 17,000 lbs.

Drum Rotation Indicator improves operator productivity.

Easy Access to engine compartment and hydraulic equipment components simplifies maintenance and repair.

Narrower and Lower Profile Design for better access to tight work spaces as well as easy transport.

Please contact our office for pricing, and details.

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Industrial Carry Deck Cranes for Sale - Broderson IC200-3J

Looking for a reliable industrial carry deck crane for your construction or material handling needs? Empire Crane Company offers the top-notch Broderson IC200-3J model, known for its exceptional performance and durability.

This crane has a maximum load capacity of 15 tons, making it perfect for heavy lifting tasks. With a feather feature, it allows for precise and controlled movement, ensuring safety and accuracy in every operation.

The Broderson IC200-3J is built to handle various industrial applications with ease. Its robust construction and advanced features make it ideal for construction sites, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses.

Manufactured in 2024, this crane is equipped with the latest technology and meets the highest industry standards. It is designed to maximize efficiency and productivity while providing excellent maneuverability even in tight spaces.

Located at Performance Drive 7021 Syracuse, New York, United States, Empire Crane Company is a trusted provider of quality cranes and equipment. With their expertise and extensive inventory, they can help you find the perfect crane to suit your specific requirements.

Don't miss this opportunity to own the reliable Broderson IC200-3J industrial carry deck crane. Contact Empire Crane Company today to learn more about this exceptional equipment.


Performance Drive, 7021, Syracuse, New York, United States

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