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Industrial Carry Deck Cranes


published 14 Nov 23

Manchester, Connecticut, United States
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20US tn

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2022 Grove GCD20DF, S/N: 322891, 20 Ton Capacity Dual Fuel Carrydeck Crane


- 54.5 Ft Four Section Full Power Main Boom

- KEM 4.3L V-6 Gasoline/LP Gas Engine (Dual Fuel)

- Spark Arrestor Muffler

- Enclosed Operator’s Cab

- Heater & Defroster in Cab

- Air Conditioning

- Suspension Seat

- Hardwired Wylie i4500 RCL System

- Anti-Two-Block System

- Dash Mounted Control Levers

- Planetary Drive Main Hoist

- Drum Rotation & Third Wrap Indicators

- 9/16” Diameter Wire Rope

- 360º Continuous Rotation

- 12.00 R20 Tires

- 4 Wheel Drive w/ 1.5 Degree Rear Axle Oscillation

- Four Hydraulic Box/Beam Style Outriggers

- Integral Steel Outrigger Pads

- Outrigger Position Monitoring System

- Outrigger Motion Alarm

- DRI Camera

- Cab Dome Light

- Amber Strobe Light

- Boom Mounted Work Lights

- Front & Rear Pintle Hitch

- Dual Side Rearview Mirrors

- Headlight & Taillight Grilles

- Non-Skid Deck Surface

- 20 Ton Two Sheave Quick Reeve Hookblock

- 6.25 Ton Downhaul Weight

-Crane Hours 114 (as of 12/26/23)

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Industrial Carry Deck Cranes - GROVE GCD20DF for Sale or Rent

Looking for a reliable crane that can handle heavy loads and provide exceptional performance? Consider the GROVE GCD20DF from Shawmut Equipment Company. This industrial carry deck crane offers a maximum load capacity of 20 tons, making it perfect for a wide range of lifting tasks.

Designed for versatility, the GROVE GCD20DF crane boasts a capacity of 20 tons and is equipped with a range of features that enhance productivity and safety. Its compact size and maneuverability make it ideal for working in tight spaces where traditional cranes may struggle to fit.

The GROVE GCD20DF has a 2022 manufacturing year and is currently located in Manchester, Connecticut, United States. Whether you need to buy or rent a reliable crane for your project, Shawmut Equipment Company can assist you. With their extensive industry experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, Shawmut Equipment Company is a reputable provider of high-quality construction equipment.

For more information about the GROVE GCD20DF crane and to explore other options available, visit Shawmut Equipment Company's website:


Manchester, Connecticut, United States

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