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Rough terrain cranes

Tadano GR-750XL-3

published 15 Jul 22

Convent, Louisiana, United States
USD 550,000
For sale
Nat. Rent

Metric / Imperial
Max load cap.: 
75US tn
Boom length: 
Jib 1: 

Cary Goodwin

Publication description

  • #1906,
  • 141’ Boom,
  • 58’ Jib,
  • 2 Winches,
  • Auxiliary Sheave,
  • Cummins Tier 4 Engine,
  • Tadano LMI,
  • Air Conditioner,
  • Heater,
  • Block,
  • Ball,
  • 5,260 Hours as of 1/15/24. 
  • Financing Options Available.

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Rough Terrain Cranes - Tadano GR-750XL-3 for Sale or Rent

Dozier Crane & Machinery offers the Tadano GR-750XL-3 rough terrain crane for sale or rent. This powerful crane is equipped with a variety of features that make it ideal for a wide range of construction projects.

  • Capacity: The Tadano GR-750XL-3 has a maximum lift capacity of 75 tons, making it suitable for heavy lifting tasks.
  • Jibs: With a jib length of 58 feet, this crane provides greater reach and versatility on the job site.
  • Feather: The crane's feather extends up to 141 feet, allowing for increased lifting height and flexibility.
  • Horometer: The crane has a total operating time of 4,787 hours, ensuring reliability and durability.
  • Year: This Tadano crane model is from the year 2020, offering modern technology and efficiency.
  • Location: The crane is currently located in Convent, Louisiana, United States, providing easy access for customers in the local area.

Dozier Crane & Machinery is a trusted company that specializes in providing high-quality cranes for various industries. With their expertise and reliable equipment, they are a reliable partner for all your crane needs.


Convent, Louisiana, United States

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