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Rough terrain cranes

Tadano TR-300XL-4

published 10 Jul 23

Savannah, Georgia, United States
For sale

Metric / Imperial
Max load cap.: 
30US tn
Boom length: 
Jib 1: 

Matt Greenspan

Publication description

  • #2273,
  • 101’ Boom,
  • 42’ Jib,
  • 2 Winches,
  • Rooster Sheave,
  • Cummins Engine,
  • Air Conditioner,
  • Heater,
  • LMI,
  • Block,
  • Ball,
  • 8,268 Hours As Of 2/10/24.
  • One Previous Owner.
  • Financing Options Available.

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Rough terrain cranes for sale - Tadano TR-300XL-4

Are you in the market for a reliable and efficient rough terrain crane? Look no further than the Tadano TR-300XL-4. This versatile crane is now available for sale, and it is sure to meet all your lifting needs.

The Tadano TR-300XL-4 comes equipped with impressive features that make it a top choice for contractors and construction companies. With a maximum load capacity of 30 tons, this crane can handle heavy lifting tasks with ease. Whether you need to transport materials or hoist heavy machinery, this crane has got you covered.

One of the standout features of the Tadano TR-300XL-4 is its jib capability. With a 42-feet jib, this crane offers great reach and maneuverability. It allows you to access difficult-to-reach areas, making it ideal for construction sites with limited space or challenging terrain.

This crane is also equipped with a feather for smooth and precise operations. The feather feature ensures that lifting and lowering loads is done smoothly and efficiently, preventing any sudden jerks or movements that could potentially damage the load or the crane itself.

The Tadano TR-300XL-4 is a 2006 model, making it a reliable and proven machine. With 8,268 hours on the horometer, this crane has been well-maintained and is ready to tackle your toughest projects.

Located in Savannah, Georgia, United States, the Tadano TR-300XL-4 is available for sale from Dozier Crane & Machinery. As a trusted and reputable crane dealership, you can count on Dozier Crane & Machinery to provide you with quality cranes and excellent customer service.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to add the Tadano TR-300XL-4 to your fleet. Contact Dozier Crane & Machinery today to learn more about this crane and how it can benefit your construction business.


Savannah, Georgia, United States

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