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Crane media 1
Rough terrain cranes

Tadano GR 900XLL-4

published 10 Nov 23

Performance Drive, 7021, Syracuse, New York, United States
For sale

Metric / Imperial
Max load cap.: 
100US tn
Boom length: 

Luke Lonergan

Publication description


The longest boom in the 100 USt class, more counterweight for the best possible chart and radius, and redesigns enhancing operator comfort.

  • MAIN BOOM LENGTH: 42.0 ft – 167.3 ft
  • BOOM EXTENSION: 33.2 ft – 58.1 ft
  • OUTRIGGER BASES: 24.1 ft x 23.9 ft
  • HOIST LINE PULL: 20,000 lbs
  • MAX RADIUS: 190.0 ft
  • DIMENSIONS: 597.8 in L x 130.5 in w x 149.8 in H
  • AXLES: 2
  • ENGINE: Cummins
  • DRIVE: 4x4x4

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Buy Tadano GR 900XLL-4 Rough Terrain Crane | Empire Crane Company

Find Tadano GR 900XLL-4 rough terrain crane, available for sale at Empire Crane Company. This crane is designed to tackle heavy-duty lifting tasks on rough and uneven terrains. With a maximum lifting capacity of 100 tons, it is perfect for various construction and industrial applications.

The Tadano GR 900XLL-4 crane features a 167.3-feet feather jib, allowing for greater reach and flexibility on job sites. It also comes equipped with a reliable horometer with 0 hours of usage, ensuring reliable performance for years to come.

Manufactured in 2024, this rough terrain crane is a recent model with advanced features and technology. It is built to meet the demands of modern construction projects and provide efficient lifting solutions.

This Tadano crane can be found at Performance Drive 7021, Syracuse, New York, United States. You can purchase it from Empire Crane Company, a reputable seller of high-quality cranes and lifting equipment. Empire Crane Company has a wide selection of cranes from leading manufacturers, ensuring you find the right equipment for your needs.

Whether you are involved in construction, oil and gas, or any other industry that requires heavy lifting capabilities, the Tadano GR 900XLL-4 rough terrain crane is a reliable and versatile choice. Contact Empire Crane Company to inquire about purchasing this crane and explore their other crane options.


Performance Drive, 7021, Syracuse, New York, United States

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