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Tadano Mantis GTC 900

published 13 Jul 23

Performance Drive, 7021, Syracuse, New York, United States
For sale

Metric / Imperial
Max load cap.: 
90US tn

Luke Lonergan

Publication description

2024 Tadano Mantis GTC900

In Stock at Factory


90 US ton at 10 feet


5-section, 37’8” – 141’1”


Overall Length45’11”

Overall Width (tracks extended) 17’10”

Overall Width (tracks retracted) 11’9”

Overall Width (tracks removed) 9’8”

Overall Height 13’1”


Gross Vehicle Mass (Standard Equipment Package)180,171 lb

Maximum CounterweightUpper = 45,000 lb

Carbody = 20,000 lb


Travel Speed0.7 mph – 2.1 mph


Winch Line Pull (first Layer)19,830 lb

Winch Line Speed (4th layer)368 ft/min


Cummins B6.7 310hp @ 2,200RPM

Key Features

90-tons pick-and-carry capacity through 360°.

Two-piece bi-fold (33.1′ / 58.1’) lattice boom extension & offsettable jib for up to 198ft lifting height

Heavy Lift Jib – 8.2 ft, 47,100 lb maximum capacity

Tadano AML-C LMI system

OPTI-WIDTH™ – OPTIMAL lifting performance at any track WIDTH

Work area limitations with soft stop

Winches with grooved drums, cable followers and 3rd wrap shutdown

Self Erecting Crane

Carbody Jacks with radio remote control and self leveling feature

Unladen ground bearing pressure of 11.8 psi

Hydraulic on-the-fly track frame retraction and extension

Hello-Net Telematics

3 remote control work lights

3 video cameras for winch view, rear view, and right side view

Optional Equipment

Crane mounted hydraulic tool circuit with 50′ retractable hose reel

WP-750 work platform mounts to boom tip or 33.1′ lattice boom extension

Boom-mounted Anemometer with cab display

Cold weather heater options

Controlled free fall winches

Full function Radio remote control package

Automatic lubrication system for slewing ring and boom pin

360 degree house lock

Cab Mounted FOPS

Steel flat shoe

Call for more information!

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Telescopic Crawler Crane Tadano Mantis GTC 900

The Tadano Mantis GTC 900 is a powerful and versatile telescopic crawler crane that is available for sale. With its impressive capabilities and innovative design, this crane is suitable for a wide range of construction and lifting applications.

Equipped with a maximum load capacity of 90 tons, the GTC 900 provides the strength and durability needed to handle heavy loads efficiently. Its telescopic jibs offer additional reach and flexibility, making it easier to access difficult-to-reach areas on job sites.

The horometer of this crane reads 0, indicating that it is brand new and ready for use. As a late-model crane with a manufacturing year of 2024, you can expect superior performance and reliability from the GTC 900.

This crane is currently located at Performance Drive, 7021 Syracuse, New York, United States, available for purchase from Empire Crane Company. Empire Crane Company is a reputable crane dealer known for providing high-quality equipment and exceptional service to customers in the construction industry.

If you are looking for a telescopic crawler crane with excellent lifting capacity, extended reach, and reliable operation, consider the Tadano Mantis GTC 900. Contact Empire Crane Company today for more information on this outstanding piece of equipment.


Performance Drive, 7021, Syracuse, New York, United States

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