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Crane media 1
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Comedil CTL 180 16T

published 10 Mar 23

180th Street Northeast, 6350, Arlington, Washington, United States
USD 50,000
For sale

Metric / Imperial
Max load cap.: 
17.64US tn
Max radius: 
Lift. cap. at max radius: 
2.2US tn
Max hook height: 

Gaytor Rasmussen

Publication description

We have two CTL180's and one CTL 140 all purchased from London Tower Cranes a few years ago. We had intended to serve the market here in Seattle for the needs of luffers, but the resistance to using a luffer here as solution is just now softening. So we never got around to rebuilding the 180's for use here. The cranes are in need of a home that has the ability to rebuild them. The parts are all there. The panels are rusted and should be just fully replaced in my opinion. But you have all of the parts, motors, gearboxes and so forth to make for good cranes with a team that has the time and capabilities. The price point is low to make it feasible for a buyer rebuild these cranes to make them worth a market rate of 250,000. There is 200,000 left on the table to make this possible. The towers are TS21's with 3 C1's. A total of 320' in all.

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Tower cranes for sale: Comedil CTL 180 16T

Seattle Tower Crane is offering a Comedil CTL 180 16T tower crane for sale. With a maximum radius of 180 meters and a horometer reading of 15,000 hours, this crane is ready to take on your lifting needs.

The maximum hook height of this crane is 100 meters, making it suitable for a variety of construction projects. It has a maximum load capacity of 17.64 tons, ensuring that you can lift heavy materials and equipment with ease.

This tower crane is equipped with cutting-edge technology and meets all the necessary safety standards. You can find more detailed technical data about this crane on

Manufactured in 2005, this Comedil CTL 180 16T tower crane is available at 180th Street Northeast 6350 in Arlington, Washington, United States. Seattle Tower Crane, a reputable company in the industry, is selling this top-of-the-line crane.

If you are in need of a tower crane that offers high lifting capacity, reliability, and excellent performance, consider the Comedil CTL 180 16T available at Seattle Tower Crane. Contact them today for more information.

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180th Street Northeast, 6350, Arlington, Washington, United States

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