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Crane media 1
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KROLL K10,000

published 14 Feb 23

Alberta, Alberta, Canada
For sale

Metric / Imperial
Max load cap.: 
Max radius: 
Lift. cap. at max radius: 
Max hook height: 

Reina VanGenderen

Publication description

Crane has hoisted approx. 300 heavy lifts ranging from 50 to 120 ton.

Design Features:

  • Top of the Tower is 130 mtr.
  • Crane can be configured in either 2, 6, or 12 parts of line.
  • Max radius for either 2 or 6 parts of line is 103 mtr.
  • Max capacity at 103 mtr is 60 ton.
  • Max capacity at 100 mtr. is 94 ton.
  • Max capacity at 82 mtr. is 120 ton.
  • 50 ton of fixed counterweight.
  • 150 ton of traveling counterweight = 3 x 50 ton.

This Kroll K-10000 S/N 1234 is NOT equipped with the following:

  • Service crane
  • Travelling base
  • Ultra lift system
  • Jacking system
  • Power pack

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Tower Crane for Sale: KROLL K10,000

This tower crane is a KROLL K10,000 model, available for sale. It is a versatile and reliable crane, suitable for various construction projects. With a maximum radius of 103 feet, it offers excellent reach and flexibility.

The crane has a maximum hook height of 100 feet, making it ideal for tall buildings and structures. Its maximum load capacity is 120 tons, providing the strength and power needed for heavy lifting tasks.

At its maximum radius, the crane can lift up to 60 tons, ensuring efficient and effective operation. Its capacity of 120 tons allows for a wide range of lifting requirements, accommodating diverse project needs.

Manufactured in 1982, this tower crane offers robust construction and longevity. Despite its age, it remains in excellent working condition, ready to tackle challenging construction projects.

The crane is currently located in Alberta, Alberta, Canada. It is being sold by VanGenderen Canada Inc., a reputable company known for its high-quality equipment and professional services.

To inquire about this tower crane or to learn more about VanGenderen Canada Inc, visit their website at Trust in the expertise and reliability of VanGenderen Canada Inc. to meet your tower crane needs.

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Alberta, Alberta, Canada

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