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Potain MDT219-J10

published 22 Nov 23

Manchester, Connecticut, United States
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11US tn

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One (1) New 2022 Potain MDT219 J10, S/N: 623561 - Topless Top Slewing Tower Crane

Mast & Chassis Equipment:

• (7) K 449A 5m mast sections

• (2) KR649A 5m mast sections

• (1) K649C 3.3m mast section

• Mast sections are panelized and not assembled

Upper Works:

• 65m total jib

• Potain “Ultra-view” cab

• Turntable

• Counter-jib

• Trolley

• Hook block

• SM/DM semi-automatic trolley allows for 2/4-part operation.

• (8) Eight counter-jib counterweight frames

• Electric slip ring collector.

• 50LVF25 Optima hoist

• 6DVF4 trolley winch

• RVF162 Optima + slewing drive

• CCS system w/ indicators for load, moment, radius, reeving and hook height, etc.

• Anemometer for wind speed.

• Auxiliary winch for service derrick.

• Motorized greasing for ring & pinion

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Tower cranes, Potain, MDT219-J10 for sale or rent

Discover the Potain MDT219-J10 tower crane, available for sale or rent in Manchester, Connecticut, United States. This top-class crane is built for efficiency and reliability, making it a valuable asset for any construction project. With a maximum load capacity of 11 tons, it can handle heavy loads with ease.

Manufactured in 2022, this Potain MDT219-J10 tower crane is in excellent condition, ready to deliver superior performance. Its advanced features and robust design ensure seamless operation, boosting productivity on the job site. Whether you need a crane for a short-term rental or a long-term investment, this Potain MDT219-J10 is an ideal choice.

At Shawmut Equipment Company, a trusted machinery provider, you can find this Potain MDT219-J10 tower crane. With years of industry experience, Shawmut Equipment Company offers a wide range of cranes, servicing various sectors like construction, infrastructure, and more. Visit their website at to explore their inventory and find the right crane for your needs.


Manchester, Connecticut, United States

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