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Truck cranes

Link Belt HTC8670

published 29 Sep 22

Duluth, Georgia, United States
For sale

Metric / Imperial
Max load cap.: 
70US tn
Boom length: 
Jib 1: 

James Roger

Publication description


Stock #:9638

Tons/Lifting Capacity:70

Main Boom/Boom Sections:115 ft

Fixed Fly Jib/Swing Away:59 ft

Winches / Hoists:Main

Counterweight / Ballast:12000 lbs (4,000 lbs + 4,000 lbs + 4,000 lbs)

Upper Motor Hrs:Upper has 8415 Hours

Lower Motor Hrs / Miles / KM:Detroit 66-Series Lower 64,868 Miles

Gear Box / Transmission:Standard

Hook Blocks:4 sheave 40 ton

Hook Ball:5 ton

LMI / Safety / Anti-2-Block:Yes

Air Condition / Heater:Cold AC/Heat Up/Down

Axle / Drive:Four Axles. Front Two Steer. Rear Two Powered.

Tires Size/ Wheel Size:Brand New Bridgestone 10 Tires. Spent $9000 July 2014.

Spare Tire/ Wheel:One Spare Tire

Brakes:ABS Disc

Drivable Form:Below

Tilt Cab:Optional


Work Light:Dual Regular Lights at Upper Cab and Main Boom

Warning Light:Reverse Drive

Airplane Light:Optional

Wind Gauge:Optional

Radio / CD Player:Optional

Spark Arrestor:Included

Tackle / Tool Box:Optional

Trailer Coupling:D-Coupling with Anti-Lock


Description automatically generated based on the publication's technical sheet

Truck Cranes for Sale - Link Belt HTC8670

Are you looking for a reliable truck crane? Look no further than the Link Belt HTC8670, available for sale from Rawalwasia Group. With a maximum load capacity of 70 tons, this crane is perfect for a wide range of lifting applications.

The Link Belt HTC8670 features a 59-foot jib and a 115-foot feather. It also comes with an hour meter reading of 8415, indicating that this crane has been well-maintained and has plenty of life left. The capacity of 70 tons makes it suitable for heavy-duty lifting tasks.

This particular model was manufactured in 2004, ensuring that it benefits from the latest technology and engineering advancements. The location of the crane is in Duluth, Georgia, United States, making it convenient for buyers in the region.

Rawalwasia Group is a reputable company that specializes in providing high-quality cranes and construction equipment. With their expertise, you can be confident in purchasing the Link Belt HTC8670, knowing that it has been thoroughly inspected and serviced to ensure optimal performance.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a reliable truck crane. Contact Rawalwasia Group today and inquire about the Link Belt HTC8670.


Duluth, Georgia, United States

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