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Albino, Lombardy, Italy
Mark Shea (Marketing)


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The ‘demountable’ crane configuration with the Fassi F195A.1.24 xe-dynamic offers a solution that can adapt to various needs. It is a set-up designed for those who require more versatile vehicle usage, allowing for different adaptation to operational needs. The crane in detail: ▪️ maxium lifting moment of 19.2 tm ▪️ hydraulic outreach up to 14.7 m ▪️ 416° rack and pinion rotation 📷 (Courtesy of C. Butler - @fassi.schweiz) #FassiCranes #FassiOfficial #MadeInFassi #Fassi #MadeInItaly #Truck #CraneOperator #TruckerLife #LiftingTomorrow #Fassi195A #F195A

An extraordinary lifting operation, the Fassi F990RA crane demonstrated its exceptional delicacy and precision by lifting a 4,500 kg plant. Thanks to its advanced technology and impeccable control, it performed a job that required maximum concentration, guaranteeing the integrity of the plant throughout the process. This operation highlights the reliability of the Fassi F990RA’s technological configuration, confirming it as an ideal choice for complex and delicate lifting operations. 📷 (Courtesy of A. Bonfanti - Autotrasporti Bonfanti) #FassiCranes #FassiOfficial #MadeInFassi #Fassi #MadeInItaly #Truck #CraneOperator #TruckerLife #LiftingTomorrow #Fassi990RA #F990RA

Fassi F345RB.2.26 L213 crane: excellence in support of public service The Kymenlaakso fire brigade recently received a new Scania crane, equipped with the powerful 33.8-tonne F345RB.2.26 L213 crane. With an outreach of 27 metres, this crane is essential to the public service provider and has the necessary responsiveness to provide practical support to them. Operating from the Kouvola fire station, the vehicle serves an important industrial area, ensuring quick and safe intervention. Accessories such as logging grapples, hooks and lifting chains increase operational efficiency. The fire brigade is a public service that must be at peak efficiency at all times. To ensure this, responsiveness and skill are required, but above all, it must be able to rely on equipment that is always 100 per cent efficient. #FassiCranes #FassiOfficial #MadeInFassi #Fassi #MadeInItaly #Truck #CraneOperator #TruckerLife #LiftingTomorrow #FassiF345 #F345RB

A recent special delivery featured the Fassi F185A.2.23 xe-dynamic crane, mounted on a Volvo Tridem truck. This combination couples efficiency and safety in an extraordinary way. The crane, equipped with a double connecting rod and fork, guarantees high-performance lifting even in the most difficult areas, while the Volvo Tridem offers superior stability and traction on slippery terrain, with optimal load distribution on the axles. Completing the set-up: ▪️ A fixed body with special supports for the transport of pipes, making every operation more convenient and safer. A perfect set-up for high performance. 📷 (Courtesy of K. Trenzano - @transgruas) #FassiCranes #FassiOfficial #MadeInFassi #Fassi #MadeInItaly #Truck #CraneOperator #TruckerLife #LiftingTomorrow #FassiF185 #F185A

Thanks to Fassi's technological development project in the JOiiNT Labs, it will soon be possible to control a crane from hundreds of kilometres away. A sophisticated teleoperation framework has made it possible to control a Fassi crane in Dalmine (Bergamo) in real time from the Smart Lab of the Intellimech Consortium in Munich, covering over 300 km.

The Fassi F545RA crane recently took centre stage in Pietrasanta, in the Italian province of Lucca, where it played a crucial role in the installation of the monumental bronze sculpture “Poor Teddy in Repose” by artist Rachel Lee Hovanian. The handling of the 4.5-metre-high work represents a considerable logistical and technical challenge, requiring precision and power to move and place it successfully. The work in Pietrasanta highlights the ability of the Fassi crane to handle large, complex loads, and its adaptability to situations requiring delicacy and accuracy. 📷 (Courtesy of @autotrasportiseardo) #FassiCranes #FassiOfficial #MadeInFassi #Fassi #MadeInItaly #Truck #CraneOperator #TruckerLife #LiftingTomorrow #FassiF545RA #F545RA

A Fassi F1150RA xhe-dynamic crane mounted on an Isuzu CYJ530 10x4 5-axle tractor unit to meet the needs of different sectors, offering a complete solution that facilitates lifting operations in different contexts. A winning combination of strength, power and stability, ready to meet many different daily needs. The crane features: ▪️ dynamic version with linkage ▪️ XP device ▪️ ProLink double connecting rod system ▪️ continuous rotation on slewing ring 📷 (Courtesy of ALLCRANE Sales and Services Ltd.) #FassiCranes #FassiOfficial #MadeInFassi #Fassi #MadeInItaly #Truck #CraneOperator #TruckerLife #LiftingTomorrow #FassiF1150RA #F1150RA

In the dynamic setting of the Port of Hamburg, a Fassi F545RA xe-dynamic mounted on a MAN truck stands out, not only for its ability to lift bulky loads, such as this container, but also for its flexibility of use. This model is designed to operate effectively both with and without a trailer, adapting to different logistical needs. Since the vehicles are smaller in size, they require careful usage and stabilisation. Experience is therefore essential to make full use of their abilities and ensure safe and efficient operations in challenging environments. 📷 (Courtesy of A. Euler - @fassi_de) #FassiCranes #FassiOfficial #MadeInFassi #Fassi #MadeInItaly #Truck #CraneOperator #TruckerLife #LiftingTomorrow #FassiDeutschland #FassiF545RA #F545RA

In the world of construction, every detail counts, and for customer Perrotta Srl efficiency and innovation drive every project, as does the recent outfitting of their MAN TGS 26.360. It was installed by @officinecarra with a Fassi F345RA.2.25L324 crane, with non-standard RAL 6003 livery, and a MARREL 26-tonne hooklift with articulated boom. A true jewel of engineering, designed to tackle the most complex challenges in the sector.
 The crane is equipped with numerous optionals and accessories:
 ▪️ AWP system with two-seater basket
▪️ jib tip activation for hydraulic grab
▪️ V20 hydraulic winch 
▪️ AWC
▪️ IOC ▪️ LED headlights #FassiCranes #FassiOfficial #MadeInFassi #Fassi #MadeInItaly #Truck #CraneOperator #TruckerLife #LiftingTomorrow #Transgruas #FassiF345RA #F345RA

F1250R-HXP TECHNO: a fusion of precision and power. Equipped with a state-of-the-art digital display interface and a unique decagonal design for the secondary arm and extendable booms, this crane sets new standards in efficiency and reach. With the L436 hydraulic jib’s extended reach of up to 37 metres vertically and 33.4 metres horizontally, it offers a significant increase in lifting capacity, especially in height, making it ideal for the toughest challenges. Read more in the latest issue of our magazine, available free of charge here: http://magazine.fassi.online/lifting-tomorrow/?lang=en.

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