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🎉 Honoring Safety and Excellence on Global Lifting Awareness Day (GLAD)! At LGH, we're excited to celebrate Global Lifting Awareness Day, an essential global initiative focused on improving safety and expertise in lifting operations and equipment handling. GLAD brings the lifting industry together, uniting professionals, companies, and safety organizations to highlight the vital importance of safe lifting practices. Let's work together to promote a safer and more knowledgeable lifting community worldwide! 🌍💪 #GLAD2024 #SafetyFirst #LiftingExcellence

Happy Independence Day! Wishing you a memorable celebration and much joy on this 4th of July. 🎆 ✨ 🎉

📸 Check out this impressive lift at the Bull Moose Gas Plant in Wink, TX! ▪️ Rental Representative Gregg Lamon recently assisted Sarens in lifting a massive 407,000 lb column. ▪️ The crane making this feat possible is the Demag CC2800 in SSL configuration. ▪️ For the rigging, Sarens is using LGH's robust MOD400/300 X 11’6”, ensuring a safe and efficient lift. ➡️ To find your local expert rep, visit: https://bit.ly/3Wc4sPR - 🌐 : https://bit.ly/49CkhDo 📧 : rentals@rentlgh.com 📞 : 8008787305 #riggingequipment #rigginglife #liftingequipment #rigging #rigginggear #liftinggear #lifting

✨ This Month's Spotlight: LGH's Multi-Lug Lifting Beam – The Ultimate Solution for Precision and Flexibility in Heavy Lifting! With multiple lifting points for central, spreader, and semi-spreader setups, they ensure safe, precise weight distribution. Perfect for heavy loads needing multi-point support. ➡️ Don't tackle your next rigging project alone - contact LGH today: https://bit.ly/4bOkK6G - 🌐 : https://bit.ly/49CkhDo 📧 : rentals@rentlgh.com 📞 : 8008787305 #riggingequipment #rigginglife #liftingequipment #rigging

[Blog Post] Unleash Lifting Efficiency: Explore Your Options with LGH's Diverse Beam Rentals ➡️ https://bit.ly/45cQDU4 - 🌐 : https://bit.ly/49CkhDo 📧 : rentals@rentlgh.com 📞 : 8008787305 #riggingequipment #rigginglife #liftingequipment #rigging #rigginggear #liftinggear #lifting

If you're in New Orleans, come visit us at the Marine Log's Ship Repair USA 2024 👋 🚢 📍 Hyatt Centric French Quarter The LGH team looks forward to meeting you! #shiprepairusa #shiprepair #rigginggear #liftinggear #lifting

Photo(s) of the week: The Permian Basin of West Texas! 📸 Rental Representative Gregg Lamon recently assisted Sarens in lifting a 287,000 lbs Compressor Skid. In action, you can see LGH's MOD 400/110H. 💪 Thanks for the great pics! Experience the LGH Difference: https://bit.ly/3QTGWny - 🌐 : https://bit.ly/49CkhDo 📧 : rentals@rentlgh.com 📞 : 8008787305 #riggingequipment #rigginglife #liftingequipment #rigging #rigginggear #liftinggear #lifting

🌟 Join us at the 2024 EPRI Hoisting, Rigging, and Crane Users Group (HRCUG) Conference! June 3 - 6 at the Hilton San Jose, CA. We're eager to share expertise and connect with fellow nuclear industry lifting, rigging, and material handling professionals. This year's agenda dives deep into critical topics like optimizing crane maintenance, planning for cranes in advanced reactors, addressing parts obsolescence challenges, cybersecurity considerations, and exploring best practices across material handling, lifting, and rigging. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and network with industry experts! ➡️ Register here: https://bit.ly/4aupWen - 🌐: https://bit.ly/49CkhDo 📧: rentals@rentlgh.com 📞: 8008787305 #riggingequipment #rigginglife #liftingequipment #rigging #rigginggear #liftinggear #lifting

On this #MemorialDay, we pause to remember the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Their courage and dedication will never be forgotten.

LGH recently supplied rigging to MSD Building Corp for a tilt-up construction of a new building. Tilt-up construction is a fast and efficient building method that's perfect for large-scale projects. Our industry-leading rigging equipment helped ensure a smooth and safe operation. 📸 Big shoutout to Gregg Lamon (Houston Rep) for capturing these awesome pics! ➡️ Don't go it alone on your next rigging job. Contact LGH for expert solutions - today! https://bit.ly/3Wc4sPR - 🌐 : https://bit.ly/49CkhDo 📧 : rentals@rentlgh.com 📞 : 8008787305 #riggingequipment #rigginglife #liftingequipment #rigging #rigginggear #liftinggear #lifting

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