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Grúas sobre orugas con pluma de celosía

Kobelco CK1100G-2

published 13 Jan 23

Performance Drive, 7021, Syracuse, New York, United States

Métrica / Imperial
Capacidad max.: 
110US tn
Luffing jib: 
Super lift: 

Luke Lonergan

Descripción de la publicación


Year: 2024

Manufacturer: KOBELCO

Model: CK1100G-2

Condition: New


2024 Kobelco CK1100G-2, 110 US ton Lattice Boom Crawler Crane:

Standard Equipment:

Machinery Equipped

• Front and rear drums for load hoist powered by hydraulic variable plunger motors, driven through planetary reducers.

• A spring-set, hydraulically-released multiple disk brake is mounted on the hoist motor and operated through a counter-balance valve. An external ratchet is fitted for locking the drums.

• Front drum- 614mm P.C.D. x 617 mm Lg., grooved for 26 mm wire rope, with a capacity of 771’. Rear drum- 614mm P.C.D. x 617 mm Lg., grooved for 26 mm wire rope, with a capacity of 525’.

• WS-8 1” wire rope included with minimum breaking strength of 135,110 lbf.

• Hoist line speed (front and rear drums) 390~ 10ft/min.

Heavy Duty Carbody and Crawlers:

• Crawler assembles are designed with a quick disconnect feature for individual removal as a unit from axles. Crawler belt tension is adjusted with hydraulic jack and maintained by shims.

• Independent two speed hydraulic propel drive is built into each crawler side frame.

• Crawler brakes are spring set, hydraulic released, multiple disk type parking brakes are built into each propel drive.

• A hydraulic propel system provides skid steering and counter steering.

• There are 66 shoes – 36” wide, the track rollers are sealed for maintenance free operation.

• Travel Speed 1.07/.71 mph with a gradeability of 40%.

Robust Engine:

• Hino J08E-UV Diesel Engine Tier 4final

• 4 cycle, 6 cylinder, 469 cubic inch displacement, 285 HP @ 2,100 rpm, with 106 gallon fuel tank.

Environmental Operator’s Cab:

• Kobelco Cranes feature an all-welded, high tensile strength steel car body, manufactured in a single piece using the latest CAD technologies for unmatched rigidity.

• Totally enclosed from weather, this full vision cab has safety glass all around. Standard equipment includes High backed adjustable seat, single horn, windshield wipers, air conditioning and heating, and swing limiter.

• At the operator’s right are console-mounted adjustable short levers for the front and rear drum and the boom hoist. Fine inching control, free fall activation switches, and drum indicators are built in to the levers. Beside the seat on the right are two short levers for propel control, plus individual speed dial controls. On the left is a console mounted swing lever, an optional 3rd drum control, switched for front, rear, and boom drum pawls, and engine start stop key.

• Hydraulic-over-hydraulic controls provide instant, positive, and smooth response to the operator’s touch, with a 100.3 gal. Capacity reservoir.

• Kobelco has designed a 12” touch panel screen with sunshade and screen protector standard. The new monitor includes hook height, wind speed, engine speed, and display lamp of standard functions, gauges, over-swing prevention, switches, and error messages. Making this an all in one LMI system.

Kobelco G-Mode

• The G-modes are a standard exclusive energy and fuel saving system, with up to 30% in fuel savings. The G-modes eliminates needless operations and engine functions allowing reduced fuel consumption by using 3 basic modes.

• Auto Idling Stop Mode- Conserves fuel by stopping the engine, with an operator prompt, after 10 seconds of idling time. Restart the engine by simply twisting the throttle.

• G-Winch Mode- Can produce maximum winch line speed at a low engine RPM. The high speed mode allows the line to be raised or lowered at maximum line speed without raising engine speed when lifting without a load.

• G-Engine Mode- Limits maximum engine speed tp 1,500 rpm and controls the pumps to make engine operation in the most efficient condition.

Boom System

• Base boom section is 19’7”

• This machine has the ability to be equipped with 200’ of main boom

• Welded lattice construction uses tubular, High-tension steel chords with pin connections between sections.

• See below for boom included in this quote.

• Maximum jib length 60’ (30.5m) Jib is usable on booms of 80’ through 190’.

Removable Counterweight System:

• G-2 series canes also have an improved counterweight self-installation mechanism, counterweights are stacked on the ground and lifted by vertical cylinders for installation.

• Total Counterweight is 100,900 lb

o Total Carbody (31,800 lb) Base counterweight (18,300 lb). (4) Overlays each weighing (12,700lb).

Optional Equipment Included:

• 150’ of Main Boom (Consisting of 3 x 40’ basic boom, 1 x10’, 1 x20’)

• Auxiliary Sheave

• 13 ton Overhaul Ball Hook

• 75 ton 3-sheave hook block

• WS-8 1” Wire Line for Block

• Fire Extinguisher

• Standard Kobelco yellow and black paint scheme

• 2 year warranty

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Lift Capacity: 110 ton

Descripción generada automáticamente en base a ficha técnica de la publicación

Crawler grúas Kobelco CK1100G-2 en venta

Descubra la grúa de orugas Kobelco CK1100G-2, disponible en venta en Empire Crane Company. Esta impresionante grúa ofrece una serie de características y capacidades excepcionales que la convierten en una opción ideal para proyectos de construcción. Con una capacidad máxima de carga de 110 toneladas, esta grúa es capaz de manejar los trabajos más exigentes con facilidad.

Construida en el año 2024, la Kobelco CK1100G-2 se encuentra en excelente estado y lista para trabajar. Su ubicación actual es Performance Drive 7021 Syracuse, en Nueva York, Estados Unidos. Empire Crane Company es una empresa de renombre en la industria de la grúa y cuenta con una sólida reputación por su calidad y servicio excepcionales.

Esta grúa está equipada con varios brazos, incluyendo un brazo de pluma de 150 pies. Esto permite una mayor versatilidad y alcance en la manipulación de materiales. Con su diseño robusto y confiable, esta grúa garantiza un rendimiento óptimo y una productividad eficiente en cualquier proyecto en el que se utilice.

Si está buscando una grúa de orugas de calidad, con capacidades impresionantes y disponibles en venta, la Kobelco CK1100G-2 es definitivamente una opción a considerar. Contáctenos en Empire Crane Company para obtener más información sobre esta grúa y cómo adquirirla para su proyecto de construcción.


Performance Drive, 7021, Syracuse, New York, United States

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