Matt Greenspan

Gerente de ventas en Dozier Crane and Machinery

Savannah, Georgia, United States

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Rare Birds flock alone. We have a rare bird here! 95’ of #30 Terex heavy lift jib. 60,000 LB jib capacity! This is a complete package, max jib length. Condition, like new! Very few of theses were made. Don’t miss out on a deal! DM or call for pricing Matt@doziercrane.com 912-596-9393

There is no doubt, quality used equipment is hard to find these days. Here at Dozier Crane & Machinery we spend countless hours hand picking and inspecting cranes and boom for for our customers. Take the leg work out, and let us do the hard work for you. we have over 130 Used crane and 350 Pieces of used boom in our inventory. If we do no have it, we will find it for you! Call today if you are in the market for any used crane or boom! 912-596-9393

40 to 60t Grove RT’s available immediately!

Flying around on a Sunday night hunting deals. 4 hour delayed flight to cap off the weekend!

ATF-500 headed overseas. But first, she needs some TLC

Sold unit headed north! Big or small we have it! Call me today! 912-596-9393

Prevention maintenance is the name of the game! Radiator was not overheating, but looked to be clogged!

Quality used equipment for sale. Headed out from out HQ in Savannah GA!

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