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Sarens Boosts Belgian Industry With New Investments READ YOUR FREE COPY HERE: https://moveitmagazine.com/2024/07/17/sarens-boosts-belgian-industry-with-new-investments/ Sarens has made substantial investments in Belgium, enhancing its capacity to support industry development efforts. This investment includes the acquisition of new LTM 1300-6.2 cranes, significantly expanding Sarens’ fleet at the Limburg Depot, which previously consisted of 13 cranes with a maximum capacity of 130 tons. The new LTM 1300-6.2 crane, featuring a lifting capacity of up to 300 tons and a main boom extending to 78 meters, will serve various sectors, including general industry, petrochemicals, and civil projects. This addition underscores Sarens’ commitment to reinforcing its leadership position in the Belgian market. Sarens’ advanced machinery and experienced professionals offer creative solutions to modern heavy lifting and transport challenges, with notable projects like the Citrosuco plant in Ghent, Cargill’s facility maintenance, and stage assembly for Tomorrowland solidifying its role in the region’s economic and social development. #Sarens #Liebherr #LTM1300-6.2 #MoveItMagazine

Teesworks SeAH Wind Monopile Factory To Create Over 2,000 Jobs READ YOUR FREE COPY HERE: https://moveitmagazine.com/2024/06/13/teesworks-seah-wind-monopile-factory-to-create-over-2000-jobs/ Sarens is utilizing a variety of cranes, such as seven LTR1100 units, seven LR130 units, two LTM1650s, and a CC2800 crawler crane, to lift structural parts and steel frames. These components are being moved on-site by Self Propelled Modular Transport (SPMT). The engineering team has carefully selected these cranes to ensure safe and efficient operations, even in challenging conditions like high winds. The factory has already established strategic agreements with leading offshore wind power companies, including Ørsted, positioning it as a critical player in the offshore wind supply chain. These partnerships are essential for the long-term viability of the factory and the strengthening of the offshore wind industry. Sarens, with its extensive international experience in wind farm assembly and maintenance, has previously worked on projects in France and the UK. Their involvement in this project ensures high standards and successful execution, addressing unique challenges like lifting operations in exposed, windy conditions. In addition to contributing to the renewable energy network, the SeAH Wind Monopile Factory will enhance the UK’s industrial capabilities and job market, marking a significant step towards a sustainable future. The Teesworks SeAH Wind Monopile Factory, destined to be the largest of its kind globally, is set to create over 2,000 new jobs in the UK. Situated on a vast 90-acre site in Teesworks, the factory will significantly contribute to the acceleration of green energy by producing monopiles weighing up to 3,000 tons, crucial for offshore wind farm installations. Sarens is playing a key role in the construction of the factory. They have deployed 19 cranes for the project, including the powerful LTM1750 model. This construction phase will generate 1,500 jobs, with an additional 750 jobs created once the factory becomes fully operational in 2026. The main structure of the factory is 800 meters long and has the capacity to produce massive monopiles, essential for offshore wind turbines. This facility will be instrumental in reducing the global carbon footprint through the production of components for one of the cleanest and most sustainable forms of energy. #Sarens #Construction #MoveItMagazine

Liebherr Cranes To Complete Sagrada Família Construction READ YOUR FREE COPY HERE: https://moveitmagazine.com/2024/06/13/liebherr-cranes-to-complete-sagrada-familia-construction/ The iconic Basilica of the Sagrada Família, under construction for over 140 years, is set to reach a major milestone with the help of Liebherr 710 HC-L and 125 HC-L luffing jib cranes. These cranes have been chosen for their adaptability and collapsibility, crucial for completing the 172-meter Tower of Jesus Christ, the main tower of the basilica. The Sagrada Família, designed by Antonio Gaudí, is a symbol of modern Catalonia. In 2024, the Liebherr cranes will begin their pivotal role in the construction, particularly focusing on the Tower of Jesus Christ and other key sections like the Chapel of the Assumption. Selected for their high lifting capacity and adaptability, the Liebherr 710 HC-L crane can lift up to 64 tonnes with a 55-meter radius, making it ideal for the tallest sections of the basilica. The 125 HC-L crane will assist with the chapel and cloisters. Their design minimizes the impact on surrounding structures, essential for the densely built area. One of the main challenges was erecting the 710 HC-L crane at a height of 54 meters, which will be extended to 130 meters and anchored to the Tower of Jesus Christ. A custom bracing structure was developed to support this phase. The cranes’ assembly required meticulous planning due to stringent safety standards and the crowded, tourist-heavy location. The project involves close collaboration between Liebherr, local supplier Grúas Cerezo, and Liebherr’s Tower Crane Solutions department. Their combined expertise ensures precise planning and execution, crucial for this high-stakes project. Grúas Cerezo, as the local distributor, will provide technical support, assembly, and maintenance. #LiebherrCranes #710HC-L #125HC-L #MoveItMagazine

Rhenus Port Logistics Builds Advanced Transshipment Terminal In Basel-Kleinhünigen READ YOUR FREE COPY HERE: https://moveitmagazine.com/2024/06/10/rhenus-port-logistics-builds-advanced-transshipment-terminal-in-basel-kleinhunigen/ Rhenus Port Logistics is investing in a new transshipment terminal at the Rhine port of Basel-Kleinhünigen, Switzerland. Emil Egger AG is handling the logistics for the prefabricated concrete elements, using four Liebherr cranes to maximize efficiency during construction. The new Terminal 4 spans 7,300 square meters and consists of five hall sections. Equipped with modern technology, the trimodal terminal will feature five bridge cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 32 tonnes, excavators, forklifts, a rail intake hopper for bulk goods, and advanced scales for road, rail, and water transport. To manage the prefabricated concrete supports, Emil Egger AG deployed two mobile cranes—an LTM 1350-6.1 and an LTM 1650-8.1—and two crawler cranes—an LR 1250 and an LR 11000. The LR 1250 handled the formwork and transport of 64-tonne diagonal supports, loading them onto low-loaders for internal site transport. The LR 11000, Switzerland’s largest crawler crane, installed crane track supports and external bone girders, moving 211-tonne supports over a 59-metre radius and 265-tonne supports over 45 metres with a 72-metre boom and V-frame configuration. Michael Egger from Emil Egger highlighted the importance of the V-frame, which has become indispensable for their operations. The VarioTray was also crucial, allowing the crane to lift, move, and shift supports with over 400 tonnes of suspended ballast. The 1,000-tonne crawler crane extended wall panels made from cast-in-place concrete to the final height of the hall and installed 14 bone girders, each involving a 140-tonne lift at a 44-metre radius. The LTM 1350-6.1 lifted and tilted the diagonal supports into place, while the LTM 1650-8.1 closed the gaps in the concrete wall panels and installed the last six bone girders, lifting 90-tonne beams at a 14-metre radius. The new terminal will significantly enhance cargo handling and transportation capabilities in the region, demonstrating Rhenus Port Logistics’ commitment to advancing port infrastructure. #Construction #Cranes #MoveItMagazine

Efficiently Dismantling Tunnel Boring Machines For HS2 READ YOUR FREE COPY HERE: https://moveitmagazine.com/2024/06/03/efficiently-dismantling-tunnel-boring-machines-for-hs2/ HS2 (High Speed Two), the UK’s flagship transportation project, connects the West Midlands and London via a 140-mile high-speed rail line. The underground sections of this route are created using massive tunnel boring machines (TBMs), each 170 meters long and weighing 2,000 tonnes. These machines excavate soil and install tunnel walls, consisting of thousands of parts, many of which are extremely heavy and require careful handling during both assembly and dismantling. Align JV, a joint venture of Bouygues Travaux Publics, VolkerFitzpatrick, and Sir Robert McAlpine, is responsible for the Central 1 section of HS2 Phase 1, including a 16km twin-bore tunnel through the Chiltern Hills. Mammoet supported Align JV in assembling two TBMs at the South Portal site and later dismantling them at the North Portal near Great Missenden. Mammoet’s Senior Commercial Manager, Simon Crawley, assessed the North Portal site’s limitations and space constraints, determining that a 400t crawler crane would be sufficient for dismantling, as opposed to the 600t crane used for assembly. Using Move3D software, Crawley, Project Manager Rhys Burley, and Project Engineer Antreas Michail created a detailed visualization and animation of the dismantling process, convincing Align JV of the feasibility of using a smaller, more cost-effective crane. Two TBMs, responsible for the south and northbound tunnels, required dismantling. A 400t capacity CC2400 crawler crane removed the largest components, with an LR1300SX crane assisting in lifting the heaviest cutter head. Components were then transported using Mammoet Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) to laydown areas, where additional cranes offloaded them for further dismantling. The cutter head’s unknown center of gravity and the TBM’s exit angle posed challenges, which were addressed by using air hoists for safer and more efficient component leveling. Mammoet’s comprehensive approach, combining skilled personnel, specialized equipment, and innovative thinking, ensured a safe and efficient outcome. By making small adjustments to the project scope and proving their benefits through visualization, Mammoet delivered a successful dismantling operation, showcasing their capability to adapt and meet the complex demands of large-scale infrastructure projects. #Mammoet #CrawlerCranes #CC2400 #LR1300SX #MoveItMagazine

Manitowoc Launches Advanced Potain Tower Crane For Europe READ YOUR FREE COPY HERE: https://moveitmagazine.com/2024/05/24/manitowoc-launches-advanced-potain-tower-crane-for-europe/ Crane manufacturer Manitowoc has unveiled the MDLT 1109, the largest and most advanced Potain tower crane designed specifically for the European market. This innovative crane is primarily manufactured at Manitowoc’s Moulins factory in France and combines exceptional lifting capacity with compact transport dimensions and a streamlined erection process. The MDLT 1109 addresses Europe’s growing demand for larger capacity cranes, driven by the increasing use of heavier prefabricated elements in construction, which speeds up project timelines. With a maximum capacity of 40 t and the ability to lift 11.1 t at an 80 m reach, the MDLT 1109 is ideal for demanding projects such as nuclear plants, bridges, and major infrastructure developments. Building on the legacy of the MD 1100, the MDLT 1109 features significant updates, including a 2.45 m K850 mast that offers a smaller footprint for easier transport and quicker assembly. Its low-top design, less than 6 m above the jib, enables seamless operation alongside other cranes on a job site. The crane is also available with two different lifting hoists: the 150 HPLTM 100 or the 270 LVF GH Optima. Modern features of the MDLT 1109 include P+ load curves for higher hoisting capacities, the Potain CCS (Crane Control System), and the new Potain CONNECT telematics system for remote access to crane data, enhancing performance and durability. An optional Potain Cab-IN internal mast lift is available for operators. “The MDLT 1109 is a game-changer for European infrastructure projects, combining unprecedented power with surprising ease of transport and setup,” said Thibaut Le Besnerais, Vice President of Marketing and Development for tower cranes at Manitowoc. “This combination will accelerate project timelines and redefine what’s possible in large-scale construction.” #Manitowoc #TowerCrane #MDLT1109 #MoveItMagazine

Ontario Installs Storm Traps And Filters For Better Water Management READ YOUR FREE COPY HERE: https://moveitmagazine.com/2024/05/23/ontario-installs-storm-traps-and-filters-for-better-water-management/ Ontario’s government has installed advanced stormwater management systems, including storm traps and jellyfish filters, in Burlington to better control water levels during storms and prevent flooding. These innovative systems aim to retain solid contaminants and store the most polluted first rainwater. The storm traps, which are infiltration and detention systems, work alongside jellyfish filters designed to hold and slowly release water, capturing debris like plastic bottles. These underground tanks store initial runoff, which carries street pollutants, and regulate its flow to treatment plants, preventing overflow and untreated discharges into watercourses. Sarens, one of the leader’s in heavy lifting and crane rental services, executed the project by lifting and installing 100 pieces over four days. Each module of the stormwater storage gallery weighed 15,000 pounds and covered 40 feet of the trench. Sarens used an AT 160 crane as the main boom for optimal productivity and minimal mobilization. Neil Docherty, Sarens Project Manager, explained that water first passes through filters to remove solid contaminants before reaching the tanks. The water is then gradually sent to purification stations, reducing river contamination and flood risk. This project marks a significant step towards sustainability. Despite challenging weather conditions, Sarens completed the project efficiently, providing relief to the community by mitigating future flood risks. Sarens’ experience in the Canadian construction industry includes projects like the Union Station renovation, where they lifted and installed iron girders for the flying garden, and the Lafarge cement factory refurbishment, which boosted annual cement production. #Sarens #HeavyLifting #MoveItMagazine

Mantovani Global Services Expands Fleet With New LTM 1150-5.3 Mobile Crane READ YOUR FREE COPY HERE: https://moveitmagazine.com/2024/05/17/mantovani-global-services-expands-fleet-with-new-ltm-1150-5-3-mobile-crane/ Mantovani Global Services Srl, an Italian crane hire company, has added the versatile LTM 1150-5.3 mobile crane to its fleet. This new acquisition complements their existing lineup, which includes the LTM 1100-5.2 and LTM 1250-5.1. The 150-tonne crane will be utilized across various sectors, including construction and naval port industries. Owner Sandro Mantovani praised the new crane for its versatility, impressive 66-meter telescopic boom, and innovative VarioBase system. “Despite its size, the LTM 1150-5.3 is compact, maneuverable, and economically efficient. It can handle many tasks without the need for additional ballast transport vehicles,” said Mantovani. Mantovani Global Services, a company with roots dating back to the 1950s, offers a comprehensive range of crane services. Their fleet includes mobile cranes with lifting capacities of up to 250 tonnes and booms reaching 90 meters. They also provide aerial platform services up to 60 meters and helicopter transport and lifting services. Mantovani emphasized their long-standing partnership with Liebherr, noting, “Liebherr’s product features and technological innovations ensure we can offer quality, services, and safety to our customers.” #Mantovani #Liebherr #LTM1150-5.3 #MoveItMagazine

HSC Unveils Enhanced SCX1000A-3 And SCX1800A-3 Crawler Cranes READ YOUR FREE COPY HERE: https://moveitmagazine.com/2024/05/13/hsc-unveils-enhanced-scx1000a-3-and-scx1800a-3-crawler-cranes/ In a bid to elevate safety standards and operational efficiency, Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Cranes Co., Ltd. (HSC) has introduced the latest iterations of its renowned crawler cranes, the SCX1000A-3 and SCX1800A-3. This announcement, made in May 2024, heralds a new era of innovation in the construction crane industry. Central to these new models is the implementation of a moment limiter system, featuring a large 12.1-inch touchscreen display. This interface not only offers superior visibility but also provides operators with real-time data on crucial metrics such as counterweight specification, ground contact pressure, and list and trim indicators, enhancing operational precision and safety. Recognizing the paramount importance of worker safety, HSC has standardized handrails on the catwalks and improved access points throughout the crane. Furthermore, the integration of a Cummins B6.7 engine, compliant with EU Stage V emission standards, ensures optimal performance with minimal environmental impact. Advanced control systems, including ECO winch mode and auto idle stop function, contribute to energy-efficient operations. Additionally, the engine’s compatibility with biodiesel and alternative fuels such as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) underscores HSC’s commitment to sustainability. Operator comfort has also been prioritized, with features such as seat heaters and lower headrests catering to individuals wearing helmets. The incorporation of insulating glass for the roof window, blocking over 90% of UV and mid-infrared light, further enhances operator well-being. Moreover, enhancements to hydraulic circuits and the optional addition of rotation sensors enable improved synchronous movement of front and rear winches, facilitating complex operations such as hammer grab operations. #HSCUnveils #SCX1000A-3 #SCX1800A-3 #CrawlerCranes #MoveItMagazine

Wolffkran Expands In Asia READ YOUR FREE COPY HERE: https://moveitmagazine.com/2024/05/09/wolffkran-expands-in-asia/ After announcing a joint venture and inaugurating a new production site in Saudi Arabia, Wolffkran is forging ahead with its global expansion strategy. The focus now shifts to the Asian market, where the company has bolstered its presence through significant business dealings in Hong Kong and a prominent presence at Korea Build Week in South Korea. In Hong Kong, Wolffkran inked a contract with Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited, a major real estate developer in the city. Under this agreement, Wolffkran will provide two WOLFF 700 B luffing jib cranes to Aegis Engineering Company Limited, a subsidiary of Sun Hung Kai Properties. Additionally, plans are underway for various projects that will utilize several Wipper 355 B and 700 B cranes. Simultaneously, Wolffkran’s recent participation in Korea Build Week underscores its strategic effort to solidify its foothold in Asia. CEO Duncan Salt and Grishil Babu, General Manager for South Asia and MENA, showcased product innovations and modular construction solutions at the event, which was organized by Hansung Prime, Wolffkran’s exclusive local distributor. Given the thriving construction sectors in Hong Kong and the metropolitan regions of South Korea, there exists a substantial demand for compact cranes boasting exceptional lifting capacities ranging from 28 to 50 tons. #Wolffkran #Asia #MoveItMagazine

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