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NEW TADANO ALL TERRAIN FOR KÖLCH Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/new-tadano-all-terrain-for-klch-10893113/ Company MD marks 50th work anniversary with new crane purchase. German crane rental firm Kölch & Sohn has added a Tadano AC 3.055-1 all terrain crane to its fleet. The company’s managing director Kurt Kölch collected the crane in person, along with co-director Alexander Kölch, from the Tadano facility in Lauf, Germany. The purchase marked Kurt Kölch’s 50th anniversary at the company. “With its 50-metre-long boom and the fact that it can travel with its full counterweight of six tonnes, the AC 3.055-1 is extremely fast and versatile, making it our crane of choice,” said Kurt Kölch. “We’ll be using it about the same amount for prefab home construction and machinery assembly projects inside factories – something that it’ll be able to take care of by itself and without the need for expensive or time-consuming additional transportation vehicles and travel permits.” #Tadano #AC3.055-1 #AllTerrainCrane #Kölch&Sohn #CranesTodayMagazine

BRACHT DEBUTS NEW TADANO CRAWLER Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/bracht-debuts-new-tadano-crawler-10889428/ First job for Bracht’s new Tadano GTC-2000: 20 lifts a day for three months. Erwitte, Germany-based crane rental firm Franz-Bracht Kran-Vermietung (Bracht) has used its new 200 tonne capacity Tadano GTC-2000 for its first assignment in Mülheim an der Ruhr. The crane was used to lift 15 tonne concrete components into place. When the crane first arrived at the site it was set up, with Tadano first-assignment support, by a service technician in two hours with 60 tonnes of counterweight – enough to lift the precast concrete components with a boom length of 41.1 metres at a radius of 20 metres. The crane carried out 20 lifts per day, including moving twice, for three months. #Tadano #GTC-2000 #Bracht #CranesTodayMagazine

MANITOWOC ITALY EXPANDS RT MANUFACTURING CAPACITY Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/manitowoc-italy-expands-rt-manufacturing-capacity-10867546/ Increased capabilities aimed at developing European, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific markets. The Manitowoc plant in Niella Tanaro, Italy has expanded its manufacturing capabilities to include the production of Grove GRT8120 and GRT8100-1 rough-terrain cranes. The plant serves customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. The GRT8120 is the largest Grove RT crane ever built at the plant, offering a 120-ton capacity and impressive features. It has a 60m MEGAFORMTM boom, a tip height of 80.8m with the optional jib, and the MAXbase outrigger system for flexibility. The GRT8100-1 replaces the older GRT8100 and combines the cab and carrier of the GRT8120 for improved operation and servicing. The Niella Tanaro plant embraces lean manufacturing and offers locally produced cranes with shared components for efficient parts support. #Manitowoc #RT #Grove #GRT8120 #GRT8100-1 #CranesTodayMagazine

VERTIKAL DAYS 2023 HIGHLIGHTS Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/vertikal-days-2023-highlights-10867480/ A productive two days for all at UK crane and access trade show Vertikal Days. Here’s some of our highlights… The 2023 edition of UK trade show Vertikal Days 2023 was, according to the organiser and exhibitors, a great success. Despite the constant threat of thunder and lightning the sun shone throughout and there was, by all accounts, a great party on the Wednesday night. Sadly it was the last Vertikal Days to be held at the Peterborough East of England location due to the venue’s closure in July. Don’t worry, though, the show continues; keep tuned for news of a new location soon! #VertikalDays2023 #CranesTodayMagazine

XCMG TO LAUNCH ALL TERRAIN FOR EUROPEAN MARKET Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/xcmg-to-launch-all-terrain-for-european-market-10866055/ Chinese manufacturer XCMG is launching a new all-terrain crane, the XCA120_E, aimed at the European market. The crane will debut at the JDL Expo in Beaune, France, which takes place between 21–23 June. The 120 tonne capacity, four-axle crane has a seven section 66 metre boom. A maximum tip height of 94.2m can be achieved with its 32.5 metre jib, which can offset mechanically by 0, 20°and 40° or hydraulically up to 40°. This crane’s maximum radius is 60 metres. Power is provided by a MTU Engine which delivers 360kW and uses a ZF 12 gear TraXon transmission. An independent suspension system from XCMG is designed to provide good stability on high-speed roads. The crane has variable supports, for jobsites with limited room, and also offers a double-hook lifting and turning mode which helps operators move loads from horizontal to vertical. #XCMG #newallterraincrane #XCA120_E #CranesTodayMagazine

DICA COMPOSITE CRIBBING TIMBERS Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/dica-composite-cribbing-timbers-10844627 Resilient and durable cribbing timbers help ‘eliminate chaos’. Iowa, USA-based outrigger pad manufacturer DICA has developed composite lumber cribbing timbers to support static loads inside or on the job site. Made from post-industrial recycled materials, DICA says its cribbing timbers will not splinter, break, or warp, providing predictable performance time after time to keep structures and equipment secure. Workers often use lumber found on or around job sites to support materials, supplies, and components. This wood is hard to find in similar sizes, and it gets easily damaged by the surroundings, which requires frequent replacement. DICA says its cribbing timbers are a better option for securing equipment and materials on job sites. They are environmentally friendly and last longer. “When you’re in the field, you need tools that are reliable and don’t create unnecessary chaos,” says Kris Koberg, CEO of DICA. “Workers should not be scrounging around job sites to find scrap that may or may not even support what they need. DICA’s cribbing timbers can do the job and easily be stored for the next site.” DICA claims its cribbing timbers offer more resilience and durability than wood, even in extreme environments. These are available in standard sizes, 4x4, 4x6, and 6x6, and can be used in any combination to create customisable structures. #DICA #cribbingtimbers #CranesTodayMagazine

ALL TERRAINS FOR OIL WORK Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/all-terrains-for-oil-work-10844594/ Qatari construction company expands rough terrain fleet with new Groves. Galfar Al Misnad, a construction company in Qatar, is expanding its fleet with two new Grove GMK4100L-2 all-terrain cranes. The four-axle, 100 tonne capacity, cranes were ordered through local dealer Mannai Trading. The first crane has already been delivered and will be deployed on the North Field Expansion Project in Qatar, which involves the construction of a gas pipeline. The second crane will be sent to the same project once it arrives in Qatar. The GMK4100L-2 is compact with a width of 2.55 m and the ability to carry 6.8 t of counterweight in its taxi configuration. It has a 60 m main boom and a 16.0 m swingaway jib. The crane comes with Grove’s Megatrak suspension to aid manoeuvrability as standard. The crane is designed for efficiency, with low fuel consumption and the ability to run entirely on HVO fuel. #Grove # GMK4100L-2 #GalfarAlMisnad #CranesTodayMagazine

TEREX LAUNCHES TRT 65 Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/terex-launches-trt-65-10844564/ New model from Terex Rough Terrain Cranes. Terex Rough Terrain Cranes has introduced the TRT 65, the latest model in the TRT product range. The company says it’s a durable, off-road crane that caters to various applications, including ports, construction, infrastructure, mining, energy, yard logistics, and general lifting. The TRT 65 features the new generation of the Terex Operating System (TEOS), which improves usability and information flow through a new, 10'' full-colour touch screen display with an intuitive interface to enhance efficient and safe operation and maintenance. The crane has a synchronised, five-section boom and a crane width of only 3m for ease of transportation plus increased manoeuvrability in confined areas. The TRT 65 is equipped with a Cummins six-cylinder engine designed to provide high power and low fuel consumption thanks to its Eco Mode function and anti-stall control. It also has Terex T-Link telematics, which provides real-time information on the performance of the crane, and LED lights as standard. The crane is customisable with options including 8/15m lattice type jib, radio remote controller, an auxiliary winch, outrigger control from the carrier, and anemometer. #TEREX #TRT65 #CranesTodayMagazine

1GUAVA LAUNCH TOWER CRANE ANALYSIS SOFTWARE IN UK Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/1guava-launch-tower-crane-analysis-software-in-uk-10820036/ UK launch of tower crane usage monitoring program on Wolffkran stand at Vertikal Days. London, UK-based software company 1GUAVA will launch its tower crane usage monitoring program in the UK on the Wolffkran stand at the forthcoming Vertikal Days trade show. The company will promote how the standalone web-based software boosts simple process-es to ensure vital data is captured on-site to give an overview of tower crane utilisation while capturing key events such as winding off, maintenance/breakdowns and idle time. 1GUAVA says the program can increase on-site productivity, promote proactive scheduling, and deliver intuitive reporting to support on-site operations. Throughout Vertikal Days 1Guava will present live demonstrations and show the software's capabilities in real-time. "I am very excited to take the opportunity to share our new online platform live in Peterbor-ough with our friends from Wolffkran," said Philip Quicoe, founder of 1Guava. "I have been working on job sites and been involved with tower cranes for many years. I observed first-hand a need for a digital platform to manage and monitor tower crane usage and I look for-ward to demonstrating our offering to visitors at Europe's largest lifting equipment show." Wolffkran has already added 1Guava to its rental quotations in the UK. Adrian Hawkins, sales director UK & Ireland, said, "We identified this software would support our customers with lifting records being kept in paper files on site in most instances. The feedback has been very positive, and we believe more of our customers will significantly benefit from having the 1Guava platform when they see its online capability." The platform can be used for any operated plant asset on site. 1Guava requires a tablet to be placed in the operator's cab of the plant asset. With just a few taps on the tablet screen, the usage of the plant asset can be recorded. This is then shown on the online dashboard accessible from many connected devices (e.g. laptop, tablet, phone). The data is recorded, and activity is shown in real time, enabling users to see the progress even if they are not physically on-site. #1GUAVA #software #monitoringprogram #CranesTodayMagazine

LIEBHERR GB AT VERTIKAL DAYS Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/liebherr-gb-at-vertikal-days-10816521/ What to expect on the Liebherr booth at this year’s Vertikal Days trade show. Liebherr GB has revealed what equipment it will be showing at this year’s forthcoming Vertikal Days trade show in the UK. The line-up includes UK debuts for the LTM 1300-6.3, the first six-axle crane with 90 metres of main boom, and the LTM 1110-5.2, the first Liebherr mobile model to feature the LICCON 3 control system. Also on display will be Liebherr best sellers such as the LTM 1150-5.3, LTM 1230-5.1, LTM 1160-5.2 and LTM 1120-4.1, the MK88 mobile construction model, the 81k self-erecting tower crane, and the LTR 1100 telescopic crawler. Liebherr says it continues to invest heavily in research and development programmes that have resulted in new models like the LTM 1300-6.3, LTM 1110-5.2 and LTCe 1050 hybrid crane and introduced features such as Variobase, Varioballast and Crane Planner. At Vertikal Days Liebherr’s technical team will be available to demonstrate latest updates to the Crane Planner software and how to fully utilise the MyLiebherr account, which allows access to all digital documents regarding our construction machinery and related products. Liebherr Training Services will also be at the show to advise on new technologies and training courses. #Liebherr #VertikalDays #CranesTodayMagazine

ZOOMLION LAUNCHES WORLD’S LARGEST TOWER CRANE Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/zoomlion-launches-worlds-largest-tower-crane-10821612/ 720 tonne capacity R2000-720 tower crane rolls off Zoomlion’s Changde factory production line. Chinese construction machinery manufacturer Zoomlion has launched the new R2000-720 tower crane at its Tower Crane Intelligent Factory in Changde. Claimed to be the world’s largest tower crane, the R2000-720 incorporates 305 invention patents and 158 novel scientific research achievements. With a 720t capacity and a height of 400m, the crane can lift 500 automobiles up to 130 storeys. It represents a milestone for Zoomlion in its global expansion strategy for advanced manufacturing. The company’s Changde manufacturing facility can produce 13 models of large tower cranes at full capacity, covering nearly all the requirements of ongoing large hoisting projects. The R2000-720 will be used in the building of the Ma’anshan Yangtze River Highway-Railway Bridge, a three-tower cable-stayed bridge. Zoomlion spokesperson said: “R2000-720 has made innovations and breakthroughs in balancing weight, structure, intelligent control and other technologies, solving multiple global challenges for ultra-large tower cranes under extremely complex working conditions, such as strong wind, high humidity and heavy load, meaning it’s not just the world’s largest, but also strongest tower crane.” The R2000-720 employs a heavy-duty split structure and a high-load-bearing lightweight construction. This helps reduce the tower crane’s upper structure by more than 20% in comparison to traditional solutions, says Zoomlion. #Zoomlion #towercrane #R2000-720 #CranesTodayMagazine

BRIDGE WORK FOR TUTT BRYANT’S 700 TONNE CRAWLER CRANE Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/bridge-work-for-tutt-bryants-700-tonne-crawler-crane-10816512/ MLC650 crawler crane with VPC-MAX installs 16 bridge beams. Tutt Bryant Heavy Lift and Shift (TBHLS), an Australian heavy lift contractor and crane provider, used its Manitowoc MLC650 crawler crane with VPC-MAX to install 16 bridge beams on the Leach Highway and Welshpool Road Interchange in Western Australia. The crane's strength allowed TBHLS to complete the work from only two positions, saving time and ground preparation work. With Manitowoc’s VPC-MAX the capacity of the 650 t crane increases to 700 t and has the strongest load charts in its class. The assembly was completed three days ahead of schedule. The project was worth A$93 million and was handled by a local joint venture formed by engineering companies BG&E, Georgiou Group, and Golder Associates. Prior to the upgrades, the intersection was the second most dangerous and congested in Western Australia with more than 200 crashes between 2015 and 2019. #TBHLS #crawlercrane #MCL650 #CranesTodayMagazine

MAMMOET IS BUILDING THE WORLD’S LARGEST ELECTRIC CRANE Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/mammoet-is-building-the-worlds-largest-electric-crane-10798699/ Mammoet’s new SK6000 is a 6000t capacity ring crane designed to provide ultra-heavy lift capacity to serve growing energy markets. The first parts of the new 6,000 tonne ring crane will soon be delivered to Mammoet’s engineering centre in The Netherlands. In the months ahead, fabrication and production will continue as it is being readied for its very first project, with delivery scheduled in 2024. Once running it will be the world’s highest capacity land-based crane, says Mammoet, and can be fully operated using electric power, allowing clients to execute projects in a sustainable way. Mammoet claims the introduction of this 6,000t ring crane sets a new standard in worldwide heavy lifting capacity and allows customers to construct heavier and larger components than ever before. The new ring crane, named SK6000, shares the same engineering DNA as its predecessor, the SK350. By employing similar design principles and lifting techniques Mammoet believes it will provide customers with continuity and peace of mind as much of the crane’s technology has been working successfully – and safely – on project sites around the globe for many years. Like earlier models, the SK6000 is containerised, enabling swift mobilisation and on-site assembly, providing ultra-heavy lift capacity wherever it is needed. It has been designed with next generation offshore wind farms in mind and will serve all global energy markets where additional lifting capacity is needed - both onshore and at sea. As offshore wind components grow in scale and in weight, more lift capacity is needed, says Mammoet. It believes its latest ring crane will enable customers to integrate higher and bigger turbines, and launch heavier foundations, be they fixed or floating. The crane will also work in the conventional energy sector where Mammoet says it will reduce integration time by enabling even larger topside modules to be built or reduce refinery downtime by removing and installing larger components with minimum disruption. #Mammoet #ElectricPower SK6000 #CranesTodayMagazine

THREE LR 1700-1.0 CRAWLER CRANES FOR GUAY Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/three-lr-1700-10-crawler-cranes-for-guay-10795572/ Canadian company reinforces crawler crane fleet with new 700 tonne models with wind work in mind. Canadian crane contractor Guay has ordered three LR 1700-1.0 crawler cranes from Liebherr. One of them has been ordered with a narrow track chassis. The company plans to use this crane in particular in wind farms. The 700 tonne cranes will be the most powerful Liebherr crawlers models in the company's fleet. The economical transport concept of the LR 1700-1.0 was an important feature behind Guay’s decision to buy the new cranes. "We are seeing a strong increase in demand for new wind farms in our market,” said executive vice president Guillaume Gagnon. “The government is investing large sums in green energy to meet the growing demand. We need to invest in larger crawler cranes as wind turbines get heavier and taller." Guay mainly plans to use the 700 tonne models in wind farms, but they will also be used in industry and for construction work. "We will now be able to erect wind turbines up to 165 metres in height and the maximum hook height of 196 metres will enable us to work on tall buildings," Gagnon added. "We chose the LR 1700-1.0 to be able to provide our customers with a state-of-the-art crane for their future wind projects. After completing our research, the high lifting capacity and small footprint proved to be the perfect combination for us. Compared to larger crawler cranes, the transport costs for the LR 1700-1.0 are lower due to the perfect weight and size of its components." According to Liebherr, the LR 1700-1.0 combines the benefits of economical transport from crawler cranes in the 600 tonne class with the performance of lattice boom cranes in the 750 tonne class. It has VarioTray and V-Frame. Gagnon continued: "The V-Frame increases the crane’s capacity and flexibility to do all the work we have planned. VarioTray saves us time when working on wind power projects because we only need a lot of counterweight to erect long boom configurations. We have been working with Liebherr for a long time. We like the fact that Liebherr continually creates innovations that drive the industry forward. The LR 1700-1.0 is the latest model in this crawler crane class and it will also meet the requirements of the future thanks to its state-of-the-art crane technology." Guay is one of the largest privately owned crane companies in Canada and North America, with more than 20 outlets in the province of Quebec and will celebrate its 60th anniversary next year. Jean-Marc Baronet founded the company in 1964 and is still its owner and president at the age of 92. His goal has always been to continue to deliver new solutions to his customers by investing in new technologies and larger equipment. Today, the company employs around 625 people and operates over 500 cranes of various types. #GuayCranes #Liebherr #LR1700-1.0 #CranesTodayMagazine

LIEBHERR LAUNCHES LATEST NARROW TRACK CRAWLER Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/liebherr-launches-latest-narrow-track-crawler-10775185 Wind farm work is a key application focus for Liebherr’s new LR 1700-1.0W. Liebherr has unveiled the 700 tonne capacity LR 1700-1.0W narrow track crawler crane, the successor to its 600 tonne LR 1600/2-W. With new travel gear combined with components from its next larger crane class Liebherr says the crane is well-suited to assembling the latest generation of onshore wind turbines. Despite its increased capacity the LR 1700-1.0W narrow track crane is just 10 cm wider than its predecessor, measuring 5.9 metres. It has a new centre section with a star support for the slewing platform. As well as the higher lifting capacity, the new crane can also lift to a greater height than its predecessor. With its derrick system the LR 1700-1.0W it reaches 15 metres higher; without it’s reaches six metres higher. This, says Liebherr, means it can work on the latest generation of tall wind turbines. These increases are possible thanks to a more powerful basic crane, plus the 3.5-metre-wide H-lattice type sections in the lower area of the main boom which increase lateral stability, says Liebherr. Comparing the longest wind-turbine boom with the derrick system on the predecessor model (156-metre main boom plus 12-metre lattice type fixed jib) with the new crane with the same boom length results in a 64 per cent increase in lifting capacity (from 73 to 120 tonnes). The LR 1700-1.0W comes with Liebherr’s V-frame and VarioTray ballasting systems. Its fixed lattice jib is designed for both single and parallel operation. The hook block has been designed to be wide to help prevent twisting. To save weight, the whip line is integrated on the head section. Liebherr says it has focussed on maximising the performance of the new LR 1700-1.0W's drivetrain by including components designed for crawler cranes in the next higher load class. The crane’s four-way drive for the travel gear comes as standard equipment, along with the two metre-wide crawler pads. #Liebherr #CrawlerCrane #LR1700-1.0W #CranesTodayMagazine

TADANO ELECTRIC GR-250N EVOLT Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/tadano-electric-gr-250n-evolt-10755359/ Second fully electric rough terrain, this time for Japanese domestic market, announced by Tadano. Japanese crane manufacturer Tadano follows its unveiling of a prototype of the world’s first fully electric rough terrain (the GR-1000XLL EVOLT) with the announcement that it will also launch a smaller fully electric 25-tonne class GR-250N EVOLT rough terrain crane for its Japanese domestic market in 2023. According to Tadano the crane will, like the GR-1000XLL EVOLT, have a 194-kW engine enabling a top speed of 30.5 mph (49 km/h). Once at the jobsite a single battery charge provides up to 11 hours of crane work. This means the crane can travel 25 miles (40 km) to a jobsite and have enough energy for five hours of crane operation, illustrates Tadano. Integrated regenerative braking further boosts travel and operating times. Unlimited crane operation at the work site is possible in plug-in mode after the crane has been connected to an external power supply. The GR-250N EVOLT will be able to be charged in two-and-a-half hours using a CHAdeMO system, and a full charge on a standard three-phase 200 VAC / 100 A power connection takes around eight hours. “This newly developed crane is part of our Green Solutions strategy and our commitment to reducing the CO2 emissions from our machines by 35 percent by 2030 and becoming fully climate neutral by 2050. The use of electrically driven vehicles will play a crucial role in that, and the new GR-250N EVOLT is already taking on that role and making an important contribution to our environmental protection goals,” underscores Tadano CEO Toshiaki Ujiie. “We’re confident that this crane will be successful on the market and we expect it to once again highlight our leading position when it comes to the development of environmentally compatible machines and solutions that contribute to the fight against climate change.” #Tadano #Evolt #Electric #GR-250N-Evolt #CranesTodayMagazine

OFFSHORE PEDESTAL CRANE ORDER FOR KENZFIGEE Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/offshore-pedestal-crane-order-for-kenzfigee-10755385/ Ram Luffing offshore pedestal crane (type 2400) will be used on East Anglia THREE (EA3) offshore wind farm. Zaandam, Netherlands-headquartered lifting and service specialist KenzFigee, which designs and builds cranes for the marine, offshore and wind energy industries, has won a contract to deliver an offshore pedestal crane. It’s for Oslo based engineering company Aker Solutions, for use on a windfarm high-voltage direct current convertor station, for ScottishPower Renewables, on the East Anglia THREE (EA3) offshore wind farm in the UK. The delivery involves an electric hydraulic box boom offshore Ram Luffing 2400 type designed and manufactured by KenzFigee. The crane will be designed and verified in accordance with the EN13852-1 and certified against DNVGL-ST-0378 lifting requirements, with a focus on safety, reliability and easy and low maintenance. According to KenzFigee, to ensure the highest possible quality the crane will be equipped with high-end west European brands and assembled and tested at its premises in The Netherlands. The expected delivery of the Ram Luffing offshore crane is scheduled for the second quarter in 2024. “We are very pleased to have been selected by Aker Solutions for the design and delivery of our robust offshore pedestal crane for installation on the East Anglia THREE (EA3) HVDC converter station, which will be located in the North Sea off the east coast of England,” said Robert de Rijcke, CCO of KenzFigee. “This contract award perfectly fits in our strategy to increase the supply of our electrically driven products to the renewable industry”, #RamLuffing2400 #offshorepedestalcrane #CranesTodayMagazine

LINK-BELT’S 218|V LATTICE BOOM CRAWLER CRANE DEBUT Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/link-belt-new-218v-lattice-crawler-crane-10757350/ In the metal: Link-Belt’s 5th gen 218 series lattice boom crawler seen at ConExpo. The new fifth generation of Link-Belt’s established 218 series of lattice boom crawler cranes, the 218|V, made its debut at ConExpo 2023. The 110-ton (99.79 tonne) capacity crane has a new design that Link-Belt Cranes believes will appeal to general contractors, crane rental houses, engineering firms, and owner/operator companies, just as its predecessors have. The crane has a new 12” (30.4 cm) touchscreen LMI operating system which Link-Belt says offers better visibility with improved sightlines. Also, ergonomic foot pedals are closer to the cab floor to give better unobstructed views of ground level. The new display has an operator interface with new counterweight sensing for live readout of stacked counterweight, live goundbearing, swing angle indicator, list and trim indicator, engine RPM monitoring, and improved diagnostics. The crane operator is assisted by on-board high-resolution winch-view, back-up, and non-cab side swing-view cameras with night vision to enhance jobsite visibility from within the cab. A new optional lighting package also adds LED light on the cabside upper, below the upper and on the front cab for jobsite settings that require additional early morning or evening cover. The 218|V has a Cummins QSB 6.7 Stage 5 engine that delivers 281 hp of power to a Kawasaki pump and motor package for what Link_belt describes as, ‘fast, responsive, fingertip control providing simultaneous operation wherever it is needed’. The 218|V can be run on hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) which is also fully mixable with regular diesel fuel. The crane’s 218|V’s Eco Winch system is designed to provide greater fuel economy resulting in lower operating costs, less engine RPM under load, fewer emissions, and all the necessary line pull needed with a 28 mm rope. When activated by the operator the Eco hoist provides maximum line speed with lighter loads all with the engine under 1,000 RPM. Also, standard equipped is operator-selectable ‘auto-engine shutdown’ allowing the engine to shut down automatically after extended periods of inactivity so long as critical operating criteria are met. Also new for the 218|V is an extended hydraulic oil service interval to 4,000 hours (previously 2,000 hours). The 218|V’s lower comes with the same undercarriage components and two-speed travel as the previous 218 HSL but is now equipped with quick deploy swing-out axle extenders. New car body counterweights (front and rear) feature a hook and pin design that fits between side frames allowing access to side frames for extend and retract. The front car body counterweight has an attached toolbox for additional storage. With regards to counterweight and attachments, the 218|V self-assembles with 68,000 lbs. (30 844 kg) of upper counterweight and 30,200 lbs. (13 698 kg) of lower car body counterweight. The counterweight removal system is common to Link-Belt’s telecrawler lineup and comes with a remote control for single person operation. An additional 12,000 lbs. (5 443 kg) of counterweight provide a five percent average capacity gain over previous market leading 218 HSL. New quick reeve boom head with button style termination for easy setup for block and ball removal from a 26 mm rope. Lattice boom extensions on the 218|V are common to 218 HSL. Maximum main boom length is 230 ft. (70 m) and maximum fixed-jib length is 75 ft. (22.8 m). Maximum boom-and-jib combination gives the 218|V a maximum tip height of 279 ft. (85 m). Main boom for the new 218|V will come with new pendant storage brackets for secure pendant storage when transporting any section of main boom, with optional boom floodlights. Other crane features include new access ladders and steps to the upper work platform, main load transports under 100,000 lbs (45 359 kg), 160 ft. (48.7 m) of boom on three 50 ft. (15.2 m) trailers, and power pack lug mounting brackets as standard. “Larger cranes often get more publicity for making eye-catching big lifts, but the daily, versatile workhorse in the industry is this size of machine,” said product manager for crawler cranes, Brian Elkins. #Link-Belt #CrawlerCrane #218|V #CranesTodayMagazine

FIRST SIGHT: TADANO ELECTRIC GR-1000XLL EVOLT PROTOTYPE Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/first-sight-tadano-electric-gr-1000xll-evolt-prototype-10754961/ Tadano reveals electric GR-1000XLL EVOLT rough terrain crane prototype at ConExpo 2023. A highlight of crane manufacturer Tadano’s stand at the recent ConExpo 2023 show in Las Vegas, USA, was the display of a prototype of its new electric GR-1000XLL EVOLT rough terrain crane – the world’s first battery electric rough terrain crane. Tadano announced the crane will be launched in 2024 – first in the USA and in Canada. Additional markets will then follow. The GR-1000XLL EVOLT can travel to work sites and take care of all lifting operations there exclusively with energy supplied by its batteries making fully zero-emission operation possible. Details regarding the crane’s specifications were limited until ConExpo adding to the sense of anticipation surrounding the unveiling. Further details will be released nearer to its official launch but here’s what we now know… Battery life: A single battery charge is enough for up to nine hours of crane operation, or five hours of crane operation with a travel distance of up to 12.5 miles (20 km). This, says Tadano, is enough to cover an entire typical workday for this crane model. A regenerative braking function lengthens both running time and range. Charging: Charging takes just two hours with a US-COMBO CCS1 connection and about seven hours with normal charging on a three-phase 240 VAC, 100 A commercial power supply connection. Unlimited operation with the crane plugged into a power outlet is, of course, also available. Performance: Performance is the same as that of its diesel-driven counterpart, the GR-1000XLL-4, putting it in the 100 USt / 90.7t class. The electric motor delivers a maximum output of 194 kW ensuring that the GR-1000XLL EVOLT has the same lifting capacity and operating speed as the diesel model. It has a top speed of 11.2 mph (18 km/h), and its dimensions are exactly the same as those of the GR-1000XLL-4. Emissions savings: Tadano calculates that, compared to a GR-1000XLL-4, the GR-1000XLL EVOLT will save around 2,200 gallons of diesel with a resulting reduction of more than 24 US-tons of CO2 emissions a year for an average crane usage scenario. “This crane will make an invaluable contribution to achieving our goal of reducing the CO2 emissions from our products by 35 percent by 2030,” underscores Toshiaki Ujiie, president and CEO of Tadano. “In our role as the Tadano Group, we are deeply aware of our social responsibility for the environment and climate. This is why we’ve committed ourselves to actively and significantly contributing to making a decarbonised society a reality with our products and manufacturing processes. With the GR-1000XXL EVOLT as an important tech demo, we’ve taken a crucial step towards that goal.” #Tadano #EVOLTPROTOTYPE #Electric #GR-1000XLL-4Evolt #CranesTodayMagazine

TEREX CRANES BECOMES TWO SEPARATE ENTITIES Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/terex-cranes-becomes-two-separate-entities-10752382/ Terex Cranes is split into two separate entities: Terex Tower Cranes and Terex Rough Terrain Cranes. Terex Materials Processing — global manufacturer of materials processing and lifting machinery — announces the transformation of Terex Cranes into two separate entities: Terex Tower Cranes and Terex Rough Terrain Cranes. According to Terex, the reorganisation involves investment with independent leaders and brand identities as well as expansion of manufacturing capacity, including a brand-new facility to manufacture self-erecting cranes. Terex Tower Cranes and Terex Rough Terrain Cranes will sit within the ‘Lifting’ category of Terex Materials Processing’s broadening equipment portfolio. “We see a lot of potential for Terex Tower Cranes and Terex Rough Terrain Cranes,” says Kieran Hegarty, President Terex Materials Processing. “Since they are two completely different set of products, manufactured in two independent facilities, it makes sense to separate them to provide more focus and clarity. We have new brand identities for Terex Tower Cranes and Terex Rough Terrain Cranes and each business now has its own individual general manager who will execute independent growth strategies — broadening their specific product portfolio and expanding distribution partners for those products globally while enhancing support for their distribution network.” Marco Gentilini – Vice President & General Manager, is heading up Terex Tower Cranes, to include flat top, luffing jib, hammerhead and self-erecting tower cranes manufactured at its Fontanafredda facility, in north-eastern Italy. Identifying a particular room for expansion in self-erecting cranes, Gentilini says, “We have appointed Nicola Castenetto to lead the product development, strategic planning, sales, and post-sales activities of self-erecting cranes. Nicola has been with us for 15 years and is ideally suited to strengthening the relationship with our existing partners while opening new markets, countries where in the past, self-erecting cranes have not been so present. Commercial expansion, in terms of new markets, channel development and expanding our distribution network is a key focus. Along with Nicola’s appointment we also have dedicated engineering team to lead product development, and a brand-new facility that will concentrate on the manufacture of self-erecting cranes. It’s an exciting time for this arm of our business and these investments show that we believe in the product and are committed to growing it.” Terex Rough Terrain Cranes Giancarlo Montanari – General Manager, is leading Terex Rough Terrain Cranes, to include its RT range and more recently launched TRT range, which features the TEOS operating system that enhances information flow and operating efficiency, T-link features, a new ergonomic cab with wide visibility, new Stage V engines, and a new boom with three extension modes. Manufactured at Crespellano in Northern Italy, Terex Rough Terrain Cranes are compact, versatile, and easily maneuverable, with different steering modes to turn in very small spaces. “Being physically based at Crespellano and having full responsibility for both the internal side of the Terex Rough Terrain Cranes business as well as the outside, customer-facing side ensures that there is focus, continuity of oversight, coordination and support across all departments,” he says. Continuing on key priorities, Montanari says, “During my time so far with Terex, I have been able to meet distributors and customers; and the key thing they look for is performance. The crane must be easy to use and maintain, to maximise their productivity. And certainly, our TRT range with the new TEOS operating system and T-Link telematics ticks all those boxes. We know we have an excellent product, so our priority is on expanding our market presence into countries where rough terrain cranes are not so popular yet. Development of our distribution network is also a critical task, and finally, improving manufacturing capacity at Crespellano to meet growing demand.” Hegarty concludes, “We are confident that this new structure will focus each business on strengthening their individual and unique brands. Both leaders have a wealth of experience, and our investments will support them in driving the long-term growth and success of Terex Tower Cranes and Terex Rough Terrain Cranes.” #TerexCranes #TerexTowerCranes #TerexRoughTerrainCranes #CranesTodayMagazine

BIGGE BUYS KOBELCO CK2000G-3 CRAWLER CRANE Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/bigge-buys-kobelco-ck2000g-3-crawler-crane-10727109/ New Kobelco CK2000G-3, as seen at ConExpo 2023, is the first of many once Kobelco can deliver, says Bigge CEO. Bigge Crane and Rigging, a US-based provider of crane rental and sales services, announced its acquisition of a new Kobelco CK2000G-3 crawler crane at the opening of the ConExpo trade show in Las Vegas. Its new crane was displayed on Kobelco’s stand. “I intend to add 20 CK2000 crawlers to our fleet as soon as Kobelco can deliver the cranes,” said Weston Settlemier, president and CEO of Bigge Crane and Rigging. “Kobelco crawlers are the most reliable cranes in our 300-crane crawler fleet. This size crane is the perfect replacement for our older 14000 and HC 275 crawler cranes.” The Kobelco CK2000G-3 has a maximum lifting capacity of 200 tons, a 10% improvement compared to the CK2000-II. #BiggeCraneAndRigging #Kobelco #CK2000G-3 #CranesTodayMagazine

TOWER CRANES Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/select-orders-four-terex-tower-cranes-10712427/ UK-based Select Plant Hire has ordered four new Terex CTL1600 luffing jib tower cranes – bringing its fleet total of CTL1600s to nine. Terex Tower Cranes says this makes it the largest and newest fleet of these cranes in the world. According to Terex, its CTL1600 is a popular choice for construction and rental companies globally and is well-suited for high-rise buildings on urban job sites. With a maximum capacity of 66 t (72.8 USt) and jib length of 75 m (246 ft) it is the biggest luffing jib crane in its range. It is also equipped with features including T-Torque slewing technology, Terex Power Plus, and Terex Power Match. Terex Tower Cranes says, due to its heavy capacity, the CTL1600 is in high demand in the UK – especially for heavy lift requirements such as precast and other projects that incorporate offsite manufacturing and modern methods of construction, with Select Plant Hire identifying particular demand for using these cranes coming from the waste-to-energy and data centres being commissioned across the UK. Clare Rodgers, business stream leader for Select Tower Cranes, said: "We are really excited to have placed orders for numbers six, seven, eight and nine to add to our CTL1600 fleet, as these machines are ideal for the UK market—in fact they are in high demand from clients in several sectors. Looking ahead, we see a big demand coming for these cranes among the energy and data sectors, as our UK market research has indicated that work in these areas will continue to grow. We are committed to investing in expanding the Select fleet to provide our clients with the most up-to-date plant available on the market." Lee Maynard, global sales director – Terex Tower Cranes, added that it’s becoming evident that the demand for large luffers is growing both in the UK and globally: “We are seeing increasing numbers of projects in Europe, Middle East, and Australia all demanding large luffers. As we continue to invest in industry leading innovation and partner with Select Plant, we only see further growth in this sector. It goes without saying we are delighted to receive this huge order for four more CTL1600s, to add to the five already in Select’s fleet, making it truly unique in the world.” #TowerCranes #Terex #CTL1600 #CranesTodayMagazine

LIEBHERR ROUGH TERRAIN FOR BIGGE Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/liebherr-rough-terrain-for-bigge-10701146/ US crane rental and sales firm Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. announced the addition of Liebherr’s newest LRT 1130-2.1 rough terrain (RT) crane to its Perfect Feet at ConExpo 2023. “We are excited to add our first Liebherr rough terrain crane to our Perfect Fleet,” said Weston Settlemier, president and CEO of Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. “The 140-ton RT fits perfectly between the nation's largest fleet of 130 and 160-ton RTs." Bigge says it has long been committed to providing its customers with the highest quality cranes from top manufacturers and it believes this new addition is no exception. The crane has a 140 US-ton lifting capacity and claims the longest telescopic boom of any two-axle rough terrain crane globally. #BIGGE #Liebherr #LRT1130-2.1 #CranesTodayMagazine

LINK-BELT DEBUTS NEW APU ON 85|RT Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/link-belt-debuts-new-apu-on-85rt-10687173 Auxiliary Power Unit on new Link-Belt rough terrain designed to increase efficiency and lifespan. Link-Belt Cranes is displaying its newest rough terrain crane, the 85 ton (80 tonne) 85|RT, at ConExpo 2023 in Las Vegas, USA. The crane has a new Auxiliary Power Unit (APU). Designed to improve the efficiency and the lifespan of the crane while reducing fuel consumption and minimising emissions. “In our ongoing effort to produce products that are more sustainable, our engineering team has leveraged some of the latest, cutting edge technology to develop an APU unit that is lean, clean, and green,” said Kelly Fiechter, Product for Rough Terrain Cranes. For Link-Belt, this patent pending APU design will be a new option that allows a crane to keep the operator ‘cab comfortable’ by maintaining the integrated HVAC system while the engine is off. The APU will run from a self-charging lithium-ion battery power source. Once the engine is started the APU will go into charge mode and the crane’s engine takes over as the power supply. The APU when used in combination with the 85|RT’s auto idle/shutdown feature provides the operator with uninterrupted comfort regardless of engine status. According to Link-Belt, a study of shared telematics data concluded that almost 70 percent of rough terrain crane engine hours are logged at engine idle. This APU system is designed to help reduce idle time, reduce engine hours on the crane, reduce engine emissions, and potentially reduce required regular service. The APU is also very quiet, compared to main engine run sound levels, adds Link-Belt. Testing for the APU is underway on the 85|RT and should be complete by end of summer 2023. #Link-Belt #AuxiliaryPowerUnit #CranesTodayMagazine

BIGGE AND EMPIRE CRANE MAKE PARTNERSHIP OFFICIAL Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/bigge-and-empire-crane-make-partnership-official-10683331/ Strategic partnership with New York-based Empire designed to benefit customers. At ConExpo 2023 USA-based crane provider Bigge has announced the acquisition of the majority stake in Empire Crane Company – a full-service crane sales and repair company headquartered in upstate New York. The alliance means Bigge's fleet of over 1,800 cranes and 21 maintenance facilities is now even more readily available to customers on the East Coast. Bigge says this new partnership is a milestone for both companies and that it will benefit crane buyers worldwide with its true coast-to-coast offering. This strategic relationship is designed to give customers access to more inventory and reduce freight costs associated with shipping equipment nationwide. Bigge's fleet includes equipment from Tadano, Kobelco, Liebherr, Manitowoc, Potain, Peiner, Terex, Comedil, Broderson, Merlo, Magni, Xtreme, Manitex, and Jekko. “I’ve known Paul and Luke [at Empire] for over 20 years,” said Bigge's CEO, Weston Settlemier. “They’re the two most trusted Principals in the crane and equipment sales business. Furthermore, the Lonergans are the two best partners Bigge has ever had. I personally have been promoting the benefits of principled partnerships for over 12 years and the Bigge/Empire collaboration will be the standard by which all future partnerships are judged.” Empire's President Paul Lonergan echoed Settlemier’s sentiments saying, "We are thrilled to join forces with Bigge – the pillar of excellence in the crane business for over a century, and, like us, to be in business with a family-owned company with common business values. This strategic alliance provides our customers access to Bigge's extensive sales inventory and over a century’s experience building and maintaining the Perfect Fleet of cranes." Bigge and Empire Crane will be co-exhibitors at the ConExpo conference in Las Vegas, NV from March 14-18, 2023. Please join them at Booth F9541 in the Festival Grounds to discuss this exciting new partnership and how it will benefit their customers. #Bigge #EmpireCrane #ConExpo #Partnership #CranesTodayMagazine

DICA DEBUTS NEW PRODUCTS AT CONEXPO Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/dica-debuts-new-products-at-conexpo-10675012/ Urbandale, Iowa, USA-based outrigger pad manufacturer Dica is launching new products at the ConExpo trade show in Las Vegas, USA. These include a new engineered steel and composite crane pad, and composite cribbing timbers. Dica will also debut SlatTrax temporary roadways to the construction market, which the company acquired in late 2022. The steel and composite crane pad is called the EcoMax. Dica says it made it in response to industry demand for durable and engineered equipment stabilisation at a lower price point. EcoMax crane pads combine alternating solid composite ‘timbers’ and steel I-beams connected with through-bolts for maximum load distribution. Dica’s patented EcoMax has similar stiffness, strength, and performance properties as its FiberMax Crane Pads or steel pads but is less expensive than either of those options, the company outlines. EcoMax is suitable for distributing concentrated loads from equipment with outriggers, such as mobile cranes, concrete pump trucks, and self-erecting tower cranes. EcoMax is heavier than FiberMax Crane Pads it is lighter than solid steel mats, explains Dica. EcoMax Crane Pads are available in four sizes ranging from 20 to 40 square feet with maximum rated capacities of 175,000 lbs to 325,000 lbs, respectively. Dica’s second new product is composite lumber cribbing timber designed to support static loads. The cribbing timber is made from post-industrial recycled materials. Dica says the cribbing timbers will not splinter, break, or warp and that they offer more resilience and durability than wood, even in extreme environments. The third new product making its ConExpo debut is SlatTrax – an engineered temporary roadway designed to help contractors reduce crew size and crew fatigue while helping to protect the ground, gain site access and prevent ruts. Made of HDPE recycled plastic, SlatTrax is lightweight, durable, and fast to deploy, says Dica. For use with compact and medium-duty equipment weighing up to 40 tons, SlatTrax is designed to minimise damage to grass, sand, field turf, or paved areas where equipment or personnel must travel. DICA acquired SlatTrax in late 2022. “SlatTrax is a natural expansion of the Dica brand,” said Kris Koberg, CEO of Dica. “It is ideal for construction or anywhere ground protection, site access, or staging areas are needed. It provides a unique labour-saving and fast deployment solution for equipment setup that improves working conditions, safety, and productivity.” #DICA #Conexpo #CranePads #CranesTodayMagazine

BATTERY-POWERED LIEBHERR CRAWLER FOR SIMS Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/battery-powered-liebherr-crawler-for-sims-10665711/ Sims Crane & Equipment takes delivery of LR 1250.1 unplugged. Tampa, Florida, USA-based crane rental and rigging service Sims Crane & Equipment has expanded its fleet with an LR 1250.1 unplugged crawler crane. The battery-powered LR 1250.1 unplugged is the first model of Liebherr’s Unplugged series to be sold on the US East Coast. The crawler crane with electric drive system offers the same performance as the conventional version just with zero emissions. Jackson Sims, the owner of Sims Crane, said, “We are honoured to partner with Liebherr and be on the forefront to serve a vastly growing need for alternative energy to Sims' ever-growing customer base.” The LR 1250.1 unplugged is one of the first unplugged crawler crane models to be released in the United States. The models of the unplugged series can perform either via battery (unplugged) or plugged in offering identical performance to the conventional version. The battery can last up to approximately eight hours based on individual workload. The machine also comes with an app that provides the status of the power of the batteries. The unplugged series offers local zero emissions and very little noise pollution, making this the ideal crane for Sims to work in more populated areas including amusement parks, hospitals, and residential areas, said Liebherr. Sims Cranes’ new 1250.1 unplugged will be delivered with a 242 ft main boom and 311 ft luffing jib and aux tip. This addition will further aid their mission of providing turnkey crane and rigging solutions. #SIMS #Liebherr #BatteryPowered #CranesTodayMagazine

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NEW 135TM EFFER LOADER CRANE FROM HIAB Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/new-135tm-effer-loader-crane-from-hiab-10661671/ Hiab targets city work applications with latest Effer loader crane. Hiab, part of Cargotec, has launched the Effer iQ.1400 HP – a super heavy loader crane equipped with Hiab’s SPACEevo control system designed for improved productivity and safer operations. The size and vertical performance of the new loader crane make it ideal for operations in metropolitan areas, says Hiab. The Effer iQ.1400 HP is a 135 tonne metre (tm) crane that has a V10-Force decagonal boom. It has a maximum vertical reach of 39.5 metres and with a jib of 26 tm it can deliver materials with an ‘up and over’ of 26 metres. The V10-Force boom, first used in the Effer 1000, is designed to provide increased strength for vertical performance and improved overall precision, further enhanced by the advanced control system. The high lifting capacity makes it suitable for many applications but the possible 83 degree working angle is perfectly suited for operations in metropolitan areas. Being able to work closer to the buildings makes it less obtrusive to the surroundings and the boom profile reduces the side oscillations for high-precision load delivery, says Hiab. The low weight and compact frame size make it possible to install it on smaller trucks than is usual for this lifting category, which lower purchase and operating costs, as well as CO2 emissions, it adds. “Customers will be able to experience a whole new level of heavy load lifting, with a crane that excels in vertical reach of over 39 metres,” said Marcel Boxem, vice president, Sales and Product Management, Loader Cranes Heavy & Super Heavy, Hiab. “The engineering, combined with a CombiDrive4 remote control from Olsbergs gives operators unprecedented precision even at high heights. The 135 tm range delivers performances similar to bigger segment cranes. The smaller frame makes it suitable for installations on smaller trucks and provides plenty of payload, not normally seen in this segment.” Precision and safety are enhanced by the SPACEevo control system, says Hiab, that provides advanced functions for veteran and novice operators alike. The Load Stability System for vertical movements (LSS-V) compensates for unintentionally excessive lever movement in vertical operations, while the Variable Stability Logic PLUS (VSL+) feature optimises lifting capacity by monitoring the position and pressure of the stabiliser legs. The Dynamic Load Chart (DLC-S) reduces setup time by simulating the load capacity before opening the stabilisers. The Effer iQ.1400 HP shares parts and controls with the other iQ and iX range cranes. This makes it easier for operators to use different size cranes and owners of multiple units can lower their warehouse inventory by storing common spare parts that can be used across iX and iQ cranes. As the crane is connected, owners can access HiConnect. It provides access to real-time insights about the condition of the equipment, to further increase productivity and operator safety. Customers can monitor equipment status, plan service and improve operations from whole fleets down to single units. HiConnect is available in two levels: HiConnect Insights and HiConnect Premium. If specified, customers can purchase a ProCare service contract to secure original performance with regular preventative maintenance checks and scheduled inspections. Repairs are covered as part of the most extensive package, ProCare Total R&M. #Hiab #Effer #iQ.1400HP #CranesTodayMagazine

ALL PURCHASES EIGHT LIEBHERR CRAWLERS Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/all-purchases-eight-liebherr-crawlers-10650213/ Fleet expansion for ALL with four new Liebherr LR 1250.1s and four Liebherr LR 1300.1 SXs. North American crane rental and sales operation ALL Family of Companies is adding eight new Liebherr lattice boom crawler cranes to its fleet. The purchase includes four each of 275-ton capacity Liebherr LR 1250.1 and 331-ton capacity Liebherr LR 1300.1 SX. Crawlers in this weight class are always in high demand, says ALL, and the purchase gives additional choice to ALL customers with an affinity for Liebherr products. “In the past decade, Liebherr has made great inroads into the North American market with its service support and parts availability,” said Rick Mikut, crawler crane division manager for ALL. “Customers who get to know the brand through Liebherr all terrain (AT) cranes often develop a loyalty that extends into other categories.” The crawlers are expected to go work on wind farms, in industrial and energy plants, and in road and bridge work, all bread-and-butter sectors for crane rental that remain strong. “We have a lot of work on the books, with heightened activity in all geographies and market sectors,” said Mikut. “These additional Liebherr crawlers will be welcomed and put to work as soon as they’re ready.” Chad Rados, project manager for ALL, points to Liebherr’s attention to detail as a benefit to users. “They’ve listened to their crane rental partners and fine-tuned every aspect of assembly to shave off 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there, and the result is you ultimately have an assembly time that is two to three hours faster than before. That’s a cost savings for customers.” Each unit in the purchase will include both fixed jibs and luffing jibs, as well as the latest electronics package from Liebherr for lift planning and execution. Delivery is expected to begin in early summer. #All #AllCrane #Liebherr #LR1250.1 # LR1300.1SX #CrawlerCranes #CranesTodayMagazine

LOAD MONITORING EQUIPMENT THEFTS Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/load-monitoring-equipment-thefts-10650131/ UFL warns of increase in thefts of crane load monitoring equipment across France. French crane association UFL – the Union Française du Levage – has warned crane companies in France of a growing spate of thefts of a wide range of safe load monitoring equipment. The sharp increase in thefts is country-wide and affecting both urban and rural areas. UFL, an ESTA member, is asking the French police and other authorities for increased support in combatting the thefts but in the meantime the association is warning its members and international companies operating in France to be aware of the problem and to take anti-theft measures whenever possible. UFL says the criminals are targeting new and old machines alike and are professional – they know what they are doing, know how to get into the crane and know where the parts are. Eric Stroppiana, UFL president, and technical and commercial director of Groupe Foselev, said, “This is a growing problem. The thefts appear to be professional and well-organised – presumably the equipment is being resold and probably taken out of the country but at this stage we don’t know more.” Hervé Rebollo, managing director of DLR – the national federation that UFL is a member of – added, “The thefts are at a level we have never seen before. The situation is crazy and the police and the authorities are not doing enough.” UFL is compiling a file of such incidents to show the scale of the problem and to put pressure on the authorities to take action. As a result, it is asking any company that has suffered such a theft to get in touch. Details can be found on its website at www.uflevage.fr. #UFL #France #CranesTodayMagazine

TEN TEREX TOWER CRANES FOR LOGA Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/ten-terex-tower-cranes-for-loga-030323-10648778/ French crane rental firm expands its tower crane fleet via SNM Group. Loga, a family-owned tower crane rental company based in Paris, France, has ordered ten Terex CTT 222-10 (city class flat top cranes) from French company SNM Group, a specialist in the sale and maintenance of both port and land handling equipment. The cranes will be used in Paris and in the south of France for various construction residential and school projects, with SNM having bases in Nantes, Lyon, and Paris. Nicolas Guillaud, sales manager at SNM said, “The CTT222-10 is unique in this range and more powerful than its competitors with a great height of autonomy, even on its C38 3.8m base. Terex also offers a C45 4.5m base which is an obvious choice for our customers on the French Riviera and Corsica who can be confronted with strong winds and difficult weather conditions. The assembly is simple and flexible; in its standard configuration the crane can be erected in one day. Easy to use, the operator benefits from the best comfort, and can adapt the crane according to his preferences, by setting his preferred parameters: speed, high precision, slowing down, flexibility. What’s more, the crane is guaranteed for 24 months and we believe without a doubt that it has the best power/price ratio on the market.” Ella Gaffuri financial and administrative director at Loga commented, “The CTT222 is a versatile, high-performance crane that enables us to offer bespoke solutions to our clients. The ability to combine a 3.8m base with the crane’s unique load chart is a crucial selling point for us when it comes to navigating the specificities of construction sites in the Parisian region. We are very much looking forward to continuing our partnership and working closely with SNM and Terex over the coming years.” #Loga #SNMGroup #Terex #CTT222-10 #CranesTodayMagazine

MORE BRIDGE WORK FOR MARR CONTRACTING Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/more-bridge-work-for-marr-contracting-10648742/ Marr Contracting’s Marr 2480D Heavy Lift Luffing (HLL) crane to be used on Brisbane waterfront development. Australian heavy lift luffing tower cranes and heavy lifting services specialist Marr Contracting has been awarded the subcontract to deliver specialised heavy lifting crane services on the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge, Brisbane, Australia. Marr will use its Marr 2480D Heavy Lift Luffing (HLL) crane which it says is the world’s largest capacity tower crane. Construction of the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge started in late 2021 and is anticipated to be completed in 2024. At a length of 460 metres the bridge will be among the longest span cable stay pedestrian bridges in the world. Marr was engaged by Connect Brisbane – a group of bridge design, engineering and construction specialists – to carry out more than ten major lifts and general construction lifting requirements over a period of 12 months. The Marr M2480D arrived onsite in January 2023. It has been erected and already completed its first lift: a 25 metre by 25 metre working platform. Working with Marr’s Brisbane-based engineers, Robert Bird Group, Marr has located the crane on a platform in the middle of Brisbane River. With a 64-metre-long boom it can in-stall the bridge mast while minimising any impacts on boats using the river. The heaviest lift the tower crane will undertake for the project is 180 tonnes and will be the 28-metre-tall prefabricated steel masthead. According to BESIX Watpac project director, Tim Deere, “Our in-house engineering team was instrumental in identifying this crane at tender phase as the preferred lifting solution for the project. After comparing barge crane and tower crane options, the team confirmed the M2480D was the most suitable crane in the Australian market capable of lifting the fully assembled mast head.” Marr says its experience working on the construction of the 318-metre towers on Turkey’s 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, Perth’s Matagarup Bridge, and Dubai’s Water Canal Bridges provided Connect Brisbane with a frame of reference for addressing the challenges of constructing the 83-metre-tall mast of the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge. #Marr #Brisbane #2480D #CranesTodayMagazine

CRANES TODAY MARCH 2023 ISSUE OUT NOW Download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/cranes-today-march-2023-issue-out-now-10641733/ The March 2023 issue of Cranes Today magazine is out now. And do we have a treat in store for you. Just some of the great editorial content in this packed 68-page issue includes: Job of the Month A Liebherr 150 EC-B flat-top tower crane erected in the French Alps using a helicopter. ConExpo preview What’s in store at ConExpo 2023. Rough terrains Rough terrains on long term projects are good candidates for early electrification, although diesel units still have much to offer. Will North reports. Technology The latest crane technologies not only help crane owners but are green and sustainable as well. Ropes Steel ropes are the default for lifting applications. Are we about to see a step-change? The print issue of the magazine will be extensively distributed at the ConExpo trade show in Las Vegas, USA. Cranes Today editor Christian Shelton and sales manager Joe Woolerton will also be there so if you want to meet up at ConExpo email us as soon as possible at: Christian.shelton@progressivemediainternational.com #MarchIssue #CranesTodayMagazine

MAMMOET INSTALLS FIRST RED SEA MODULAR VILLAS Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/mammoet-installs-first-red-sea-modular-villas-10625146/ A Demag crawler crane on a modified barge delivers modular villas for Red Sea showcase resort Netherlands-headquartered international heavy lift and transport specialist Mammoet has delivered the first batch of modularly constructed villas for the Sheybarah Island resort, Saudi Arabia. The resort is being built by Saudi-based developer Red Sea Global; once complete it will comprise 73 overwater and beach villas and the resort aims to showcase sustainability. Mammoet won the contract to transport and install the villa pods in May 2022. The first batch comprised four villas which needed to be shipped from the UAE to Saudi Arabia. For this Mammoet teamed up with logistics and marine solutions provider P&O Maritime Logistics. For the installation itself Mammoet used its 650t capacity Demag CC3800 crawler crane positioned on its ALE 250modified barge. The shallow draft of the barge meant that there was minimal disturbance to the marine environment. At the construction jetty the crane loaded and placed the first orb on the barge deck and sailed to the installation area. Once at the location, the barge was positioned using a GPS system and the barge’s winches for precise alignment with the foundation. The barge was then stabilised using a retrofitted 300t spud jacking system provided by Combifloat – Mammoet’s partner for floating and self-elevating marine equipment suitable for nearshore operations. Safe and efficient lifting, lowering and (re)positioning of the barge was achieved through a locally controlled jacking mechanism and a four-point mooring system, explains Mammoet. For lifting the modular villa into position the CC3800’s Superlift system has been replaced by a system designed specifically for the project where the back mast of the CC3800 is ‘tied back’ to the barge. This gives the crane enough capacity to place the orb onto the foundation without requiring the additional mass of a Superlift tray, says Mammoet. Robert van Tinteren, lead project engineer for Mammoet, comments, “Creative engineering at its best. It has been an exciting nine months building up to this point, but it never gets tedious to see the incredible things we at Mammoet can do when we put our minds to it!” #Mammoet #Demag #CrawlerCrane #SheybarahIslandResort #RedSeaGlobal #CranesTodayMagazine

POTAIN TOWER CRANES ERECTED IN THE ALPS USING HELICOPTER Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/potain-tower-cranes-erected-in-the-alps-using-helicopter-10625063/ Fast assembly of mountaintop tower cranes using helicopter. French tower crane sales and rental specialist Valente Grue Assistance (VGA), a Potain dealer for the Rhône-Alpes region of France, has assembled two Potain MDT 109 top-slewing tower cranes on France’s largest glacier, the Mer de Glace (Sea of Ice) near Chamonix in the French Alps, using a helicopter in the last four months. In May 2022 VGA assembled a Potain MDT 109 top-slewing tower crane at an altitude of 2,000 metres for the construction of a logistics base. In September 2022 VGA then assembled a second Potain MDT 109 at an altitude of 1,600 m to help build a cable car station. The MDT 109 was chosen for its load curve, which met the needs of both sites in the same configuration — a 34 m height under hook, 35 m jib and 2.85 t lifting capacity — on fixing angles. Overall, the MDT 109 has a maximum load of 6 t and 1.35 t at 55 m. Due to the remote location, the cranes had to be assembled by helicopter, so Potain carried out a thorough study to fully understand the challenges and determine the right process. In addition to the weather conditions, the team had to factor in the weight of the elements, which could not exceed 3.6 t. Potain technicians supported the VGA and customer teams throughout the unloading of the elements in the drop zone and assembly. Potain says the MDT 109 is highly regarded for its compact design and low parts weights, which make it easy to transport and assemble. The Crane Control System (CCS) also enables fast commissioning. The crane can be calibrated, and the safety devices adjusted in just 15 minutes via the CCS display in the cab. Despite unexpected snowfall during assembly on the second site, both cranes were completed in under four days. #Valente #ValenteGrueAssistance #VGA #PotainTowerCrane #CranesTodayMagazine

NEW MULTI-PURPOSE, HIGH TECH EFFER MODEL FROM HIAB Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/new-multi-purpose-high-tech-effer-model-from-hiab-10620752/ 90tm loader crane with SPACEevo control system expands Hiab’s Effer brand offering. Loader crane manufacturer Hiab, part of Cargotec, has launched the Effer iQ.950 HP – a 90 tonnes metre (tm) loader crane, part of its heavy range. The Effer iQ.950 HP has Hiab’s V12-Power boom profile and a new operating system called SPACEevo. Hiab says the iQ.950 HP is a multi-purpose crane suitable for a wide range of vertical and horizontal lifting jobs that can be performed safely and precisely, even at high speeds, thanks to its new control system. With the SPACEevo control system the lifting capacity can be increased via the VSL+ (Variable Stability Logic-plus) function, that uses the load as an active part of the stabilisation setup, while the DLC-S (Dynamic Load Chart) is designed to reduce the time it takes to configure the stabilisation setup. The crane comes with a new CombiDrive4 remote control, from Olsbergs, which can be customised to operators’ preferences with regards to the speed of operation. It includes a Con-firmed View safety function that detects if the operator is in a position to see the opening of the stabilisers. The crane also has a variable displacement pump for increased flow performances and reduced fuel consumption and is coated in nDurance, which Hiab describes as a nano-based technology coating for long-lasting protection. “The new Effer models provide our customers with efficient loader cranes that increase both payload capacity and lifting performance thanks to our engineering and technological advancements,” says Marcel Boxem, vice president, Sales & Product Management Loader Cranes Heavy & Super Heavy, Hiab. “They offer the same performance as bigger models but can be installed on smaller and more cost-conscious trucks. This is another milestone to cope with our customer demand to reduce CO2 emissions and enhance their operations in urban areas. The Effer iQ.950 HP offers the most advanced SPACEevo control system from Hiab which is customisable over time, customers can add content and features best suited for their operator needs.” The Effer iQ.950 HP shares parts and controls with the other iQ. and iX. range cranes. This, says Hiab, makes it easier for operators to use the different models and owners of multiple units can lower their warehouse inventory by storing common spare parts that can be used across the series. In selected markets owners can access Hiab’s ProCare service contracts and the connected service HiConnect. #Hiab #SPACEevo #Effer #iQ.950HP #LoaderCrane #CranesTodayMagazine

MORE TOWER CRANES FOR MCT Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/more-tower-cranes-for-mct-10620334/ Israeli distributor orders a total of 26 Terex tower cranes to serve growing market demand. Tel Aviv, Israel-headquartered automotive specialist Mayer’s Cars & Trucks (MCT), which is also a distributor for Terex Tower Cranes in Israel, has ordered 15 Terex tower cranes. This follows an order for 11 placed at the end of 2022. Terex says the fleet will support MCT in serving the growing demand in the Israeli market for tower cranes. The order consists of a variety of flat top and luffing jib tower cranes, including the new CTT 292-12, a flat top 12 t capacity crane with a jib length of up to 70m and a tip load of up to 3.06 t. Terex says the CTT 292-12 offers versatility in terms of its tower mast, chassis and jib lengths and the crane comes with Terex’s latest tech including: Power Plus and Power Match functions; T-torque slewing technology; a new cabin that can be equipped with T-Link telemetry. Bartosz Irzyniec, sales manager, Terex Tower Cranes, says, “This order is the culmination of a relatively short, but fruitful relationship with MCT, from our first phone call just two years ago in February 2021. It also highlights the significant opportunity for tower cranes in Israel, a relatively new market for us and one that we have tremendous interest in developing. We are delighted that such a reputable partner as MCT has placed their confidence in Terex Tower Cranes to help grow their business and look forward to continuing to work together to achieve mutual success.” Lee Maynard, global sales director – Terex Tower Cranes, adds, “We are delighted with this significant order and furthermore, MCT’s commitment to our partnership. Having been in Israel in December, it’s clear the opportunities there are vast for both Terex and MCT during this year, and the years ahead. I believe our timing is perfect to enter this market, with a first-class partner in MCT.” #MCT #Terex #TowerCranes #CranesTodayMagazine

WORLD'S HEAVIEST BUILDING TRANSPORT Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/worlds-heaviest-building-transport-10612476/ 7,500-tonne hotel moved by Sinotrans Heavy-Lift in China. Chinese heavy lift company Sinotrans Heavy-Lift was commissioned to reposition a 7,500-tonne hotel by 500 metres to comply with environmental regulations in the city of Sanya, Hainan province, China. The company says it is the world's heaviest building transport ever carried out. To move the hotel Sinotrans distributed the load on 254 axle lines of Scheuerle SPMT powered by 15 power pack units. A key challenge was the uneven distribution of the load due to the asymmetrical architecture of the 90 metre long, 35 metre wide and 20 metre high building. Nevertheless, Sinotrans had to level and position the structure with the utmost precision. Furthermore, the experts from Sinotrans had to turn the building clockwise by 63 degrees and subsequently counter-clockwise by 63 degrees during transportation in or-der to reach the new location. To master the task, Sinotrans coupled the self-propelled SPMT platform transporters at different angles to each other to form a fan-shaped combination. According to Sinotrans, the high load capacity and the good synchronisation of the individual modules very much favoured the use of SPMT axle lines as, with-out them, the heavy goods logistics specialist would not have achieved the required high level of precision. It took Sinotrans eight hours to lift the building and transport it precisely and safely over the 500-metre-long route with the help of the SPMT axle lines and set it up again at its destination. Sinotrans is a long-standing customer of TII Scheuerle and its fleet includes 60 Scheuerle SPMT axle lines. Additional modules for this job came from the joint venture Sinotrans Sarens Logistics and other cooperation partners. #Sinotrans #SinotransHeavyLift #China #CranesTodayMagazine

MONOPILE INSTALLATION FOR DUTCH WIND FARM COMPLETE Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/monopile-installation-for-dutch-wind-farm-complete-10610442/ Van Oord successfully installs 70 monopiles for the Hollandse Kust Noord wind farm. The final monopile for the Hollandse Kust Noord wind farm has been successfully installed by Van Oord, bringing the total to 70. The offshore wind farm is located 18.5 kilometres off the coast of the Netherlands, near the seaside resort of Egmond aan Zee. It is being built and run by CrossWind – a joint venture between Shell and Eneco. Once finished it will have a total installed capacity of 759 MW, generating at least 3.3 TWh per year. This is enough renewable electricity to meet 2.8% of the Netherlands’ electricity demand. The monopiles are the foundations for the wind turbines. The first monopile was installed on October 17th 2022. Van Oord says it installed all 70 monopiles in a short period of time despite strong wind and cold weather. As a balance of plant contractor for CrossWind Van Oord’s activities encompass the de-sign, engineering, procurement, construction and installation of the wind turbine foundations. Van Oord engaged DEME to deploy the jack-up vessel Innovation to install the monopiles. Van Oord is also involved in the design, engineering, procurement and installation of the inter array cables, as well as the transport and installation of the wind turbines themselves. Meanwhile Van Oord’s offshore installation vessel MPI Resolution is installing secondary steel to complete the foundations. The secondary steel sets consist of boat landings, main access platforms (with davit cranes) and internal platforms. The platforms will be used for maintenance activities once the wind farm is operational. Van Oord will deploy cable-laying vessel Nexus to install the cables starting in March this year. Roeland Ris, project director Van Oord, said, “After an extensive period of preparations, it's great to now actually see the outlines of the offshore wind farm. Thanks to the project team and all partners involved who worked with great efforts and enthusiasm on reaching this important milestone to have all monopiles in place. With the supply of secondary steel and inter array cables on target and our offshore installation vessels fully operational, the construction of the Hollandse Kust Noord offshore wind farm is progressing well on schedule.” Wybren de Vries, balance of plant package manager at CrossWind said, “The installation of the monopiles was an immense operation, with the monopiles weighing between 788 tons and 960 tons each. During the installation works CrossWind and Van Oord promoted and maintained an open culture, in which we acted as one team. I am convinced that this approach defined a big part of our success in reaching this milestone in a safe and timely manner.” #VanOord #HollandseKustNoord #WindFarm #CranesTodayMagazine

SENNEBOGEN LAUNCHES NEW TELECRAWLER Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/sennebogen-launches-new-telecrawler-10610136/ The 683 E, an 80 t telescopic crawler crane, expands Sennebogen’s crane range German manufacturer Sennebogen has added another model to its range of telescopic crawler cranes: the 80-tonne capacity 683 E. The mid-sized machine fits into the gap between the existing 673 E and the 6103 E and is the ninth model in the series. According to Sennebogen the 683 E, with its heavy-duty boom and powerful travel and winch motors, has been built for a wide range of applications The crane is also suitable for pick-and-carry work and lifting operations on inclines of up to four degrees. The 683 E is powered by a 186 kW Cummins engine with Stage V exhaust gas treatment. The main and auxiliary winches are driven by a high-pressure piston engine which provides a tractive force of 72 kN each and speeds of up to 120 m/min. The individually configurable equipment can be supplemented by a range of options including a programmable working range limiter plus safety and low-temperature packages. This, Sennebogen believes, will particularly appeal to users in specialised civil engineering and hydraulic engineering sectors. The crane has a four-section full power main boom with a length of 42 m. Multicylinder technology means the maintenance-free boom provides variable telescoping with force-locking. The crane’s reach can be further extended to up to 57 m with an optional double folding jib (that can be angled). The 683 E’s undercarriage has a maximum track width of 4.2 m. This can be reduced symmetrically or asymmetrically to 2.68 m with the load charts being automatically adapted to the respective track width. Using a radio remote control the 6103 E can unload itself from a truck and is completely self-assembling. With crawler tracks attached it has a transport width of only 3.5 m. After disassembly of the crawler, the transport weight is reduced by almost 20 t and the transport width contracts to 3.0 m. The crane comes as standard with 800 mm triple grouser shoes designed to provide stability while keeping floor pressure at a minimum. The crane has Sennebogen’s Maxcab cabin that offers up to 20 degrees of tilt. If required, a hydraulically elevating cab that can be tilted 30 degrees at an eye level of 5.55 m, can be supplied. Sennebogen says the cabin has large windows for maximum visibility. The crane can also be operated from outside the cabin via a radio remote control. Cameras and a large monitor are designed to extend the operator's field of vision to the rear and right side and can also be used to monitor the winches. The electric dual-axis control system features joystick control buttons for optional attachments and the graphically displayed load moment limiter. The system provides an audio-visual warning and locks the control lever when the load limits are reached or exceeded. The Sencon control system provides important diagnostics as well as valuable data on payloads, boom angle, boom length, and radius. Sennebogen says the 683 E has been designed to be easy to service, with an easy-to-access central lubrication point for the boom base axle, luffing cylinder, and slewing ring and clearly identified components. #Sennebogen #Telecrawler #683E #CranesTodayMagazine

JEKKO IN LATIN AMERICA Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/jekko-in-latin-america-10586758/ Jekko intensifies its presence in South American markets via collaboration with FA.RO. Italian Technology. Italian mini crane specialist Jekko has announced a collaboration with FA.RO. Italian Technology, a company that represents Italian enterprises producing machinery, accessories and innovative technologies for the construction, mining and agricultural industries in Latin America. FA.RO. Italian Technology is now Jekko's official representative for all LATAM countries except Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina which are already represented by the following official dealers Sitsa, Guindaste Aranha, Manger and BH Maquinarias respectively. According to Jekko, FA.RO. has extensive experience in the markets of Central and South America, and the Caribbean Islands, with offices in key cities and a wide network of active contacts across the region. Jekko has been active in the Latin American market for the last 15 years but is looking to strengthen its presence here as it says it sees its potential as a fast-growing market. #Jekko #FARO #LatinAmerica #CranesTodayMagazine

MASSUCCO T. BUYS THREE GROVE GRT655L ROUGH TERRAIN CRANES Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/massucco-t-buys-three-grove-grt655l-rough-terrain-cranes-10585565/ Italian rental giant expands fleet with three GRT655L rough terrain cranes from Grove. Italian headquartered Massucco T. has expanded its crane fleet with three new Grove GRT655L rough terrain models. It operates a fleet of over 1,800 vehicles covering the lifting and earthmoving markets. It was founded over 60 years ago and has 13 branches across Italy, France, and Tunisia and is one of the largest rental companies in Italy. “There were many reasons behind our choice to invest in Grove again,” said Roberto Borgogno, sales manager at Massucco T. “Our previous experience with the brand, and our awareness of the reliability and excellent technical support were relevant. But perhaps the main attraction was the advanced technologies on the crane. These are not gadgets, but digital tools that impact crane management and maintenance. For example, the diagnostics feature is an extremely important way to keep on top of operating and maintenance costs. It allows us to precisely schedule service based on working hours.” The crane’s onboard diagnostics enable the actual hours of many machine functions (winch, boom, slewing, engine, hydraulics etc.) to be recorded, ensuring maintenance is performed when needed. The frequency of maintenance is also reduced due to a design focussed on increased component service life, says Grove. For example, by mounting the outrigger jack cylinders upside down, the chrome part of the cylinder and the seals are protected against damage, sand, dust, and other contaminants. And by using hydraulic disc-brakes with double callipers, instead of the more common, less-efficient pneumatic design, there is no need for a separate maintenance schedule. Borgogno also cited the crane’s compact and portable nature as being important factors, too. “The GRT655L is just 3m wide and has a removable counterweight, so it’s easy to transport on a trailer,” adds Borgogno. Despite these small dimensions the crane has a capacity of 60 tonnes, a 43 m boom, a tilting cab, and a removable counterweight – all features usually only found on larger rough-terrain cranes. “The GRT655L’s impressive load charts and performance are a big selling point, but even more importantly, it’s a crane with features that are perfect for the Italian and European market – and that’s a major advantage in the rental business,” continued Borgogno. “With these purchases, our fleet is more versatile, allowing us to further extend our offering and cover a wider range of applications, from assembling prefabricated buildings to maintenance and process work in industrial plants.” The cranes were presented to the Italian rental giant at a handover event at Manitowoc’s Niella Tanaro factory, just 30 minutes from Massucco T.’s headquarters in Cuneo, Piedmont. #MassucoT #Grove #GRT655L #RoughTerrain #CranesTodayMagazine

MOUNTAINTOP TOWER CRANE ERECTED BY HELICOPTER Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/mountaintop-tower-crane-erected-by-helicopter-10585528/ A new €50 million educational centre and cable car is being built high in the French Alps. To help build it Vinci Construction France is using a 150 EC-B flat-top crane which was erected with the help of a helicopter. A new educational centre focussed on climate change, plus a new cable car station, is being built at the Montenvers mountain station on France’s largest glacier: the Mer de Glace. It is at an altitude of 1,913 metres, near Mont Blanc, Chamonix, in the French Alps. Construction company Vinci Construction France worked with crane manufacturer Liebherr to select the right crane for the job. Originally, due to the size of the loads that needed to be lifted, a crane in the 250 tonne class was required. A crane of this size, however, would have been too heavy for assembly by the helicopter which, depending on temperature and altitude, could move a maximum of 3,800 kilograms. The solution was to adapt the building’s architectural plans and use lighter concrete parts. In this way Liebherr’s eight-tonne capacity 150 EC-B flat-top could be used – as its counter jib weighs 3,600kg and so could be handled by the helicopter. The flat-top also has a flexible design enabling it to be dismantled into several individual parts which helped, adds Liebherr. Planning was key says Liebherr. An open location accessible to the helicopter and trucks was selected about 3.5 from the Montenvers mountain station. It was as close as possible in order to keep flight times, and therefore refuelling, to a minimum. From here a Kamov KA 32 A11 BC heavy-lift helicopter from Heliswiss International flew back and forth 30 times to deliver all the crane parts and tower system elements. These parts were received by four assembly engineers from Liebherr's partner FT Montage and six flight assistants from Heliswiss International who, over the course of around eight hours, connected them to create the 150 EC-B with a tower height of over 40 metres. The crane, with a 45-metre jib and a hook height of 42 metres, will support the construction of the new cable car station and climate change educational centre until June 2023. The Montenvers redevelopment is due to be completed in December 2024. #MountainTopTowerCrane #VinciConstructionFrance #FrenchAlps #CranesTodayMagazine

TEREX AND IIE PARTNERSHIP IN OMAN Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/terex-and-iie-partnership-in-oman-10585519/ International Integrated Equipment appointed as distributor for Terex rough terrain cranes and Franna pick and carry cranes in Oman. Terex’s rough terrain cranes, which are manufactured in Crespellano, Italy, and its Franna brand of pick and carry cranes, which are made in Australia, will be distributed in Oman by construction equipment distributor International Integrated Equipment (IIE). To mark the partnership the companies conducted a ceremony at IIE’s office in Muscat. At the ceremony Ajit S. Nair, head of sales, Middle East & Asia, Terex rough terrain cranes and Franna pick and carry Cranes, said, “The Middle East is an important region for Terex in terms of current and future potential. We have been a leading crane brand in the Middle East region for many years and to enhance our capabilities even further and to serve customers better we have a clear strategy of going with the distribution model. It is imperative to have the right partner; we invest in them, they invest in us and we grow together. IIE, a Suhail Bahwan Group company, is a highly reputed organisation, has the market know how and is focussed on customer service. We are delighted to have IIE as our partner in Sultanate of Oman.” #Terex #IIE #Franna #CranesTodayMagazine

LINK-BELT ANNOUNCES TOP DISTRIBUTORS Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/link-belt-announces-top-distributors-10567521/ The top five Link-Belt distributors for 2022 have been revealed. Gary Lane, Link-Belt’s manager of North American sales, has announced the top five distributors for 2022. These distributors are based on overall performance in marketing, sales, and support of Link-Belt cranes. Link-Belt’s top five distributors for 2022, listed in alphabetic order, are: Atlantic & Southern Equipment LLC, Lake City, GA CRW Corp (Woods, CRW Corp), Williston, VT Holt Crane & Equipment, Houston, TX Nixon-Egli Equipment Co., Ontario, CA Pinnacle Cranes, Midland, NC “Fleet availability has really been the name of the game the last 2-3 years. We appre-ciate all our dealers and their ability to navigate parts supplier shortages and delays seen across the industry,” said Lane. “To our top five dealers who grew their market shares and made a strong impact in their territories we say thank you and congratula-tions on a job well done.” #LinkBelt #CranesTodayMagazine

FEBRUARY ISSUE OF CRANES TODAY OUT NOW! Read or download your free copy here: https://content.yudu.com/web/442ay/0A444jv/Cranes0223-Pros/index.html Download your free copy of Cranes Today February 2023 here. The February 2023 issue of Cranes Today magazine is now available. Click here to read or download the issue for free: https://content.yudu.com/web/442ay/0A444jv/Cranes0223-Pros/index.html In this issue: Job of the Month: Sarens moves one of the largest bow-string railroad bridges in Europe. ConExpo review: A look at the forthcoming ConExpo trade show in Las Vegas, USA. Knuckle booms: A look at developments in the knuckle boom crane sector. Crawler cranes: Osprey Group has added two large Demag crawlers to its fleet. Julian Champkin discovers how crawlers fit into its expansion plans. Safety & training: Technology is increasingly part of the training and safety landscape. At the same time trade shows are back enabling in-person interactions. #CranesTodayMagazine #FebruaryIssue

NEW MUNICH HUB FOR PALFINGER Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/new-munich-hub-for-palfinger-10564814/ Flagship Palfinger hub comprising showroom, workshops and offices to open in Germany. Austrian manufacturer of hydraulic lifting, loading and handling systems, Palfinger, has announced it is opening a new flagship hub in Poing, near Munich, Germany. The new site, which will be almost 12,000 square metres in size, will comprise a showroom, service workshops and offices. Palfinger said the new centre will help it expand its footprint in Germany – one of its core markets. Palfinger believes the centre’s convenient location, near Munich, will help it further develop its relationship with customers in the area and shorten service times. “For anyone travelling via the airport, Munich-Poing is the fastest way to 'drop by’ at Palfinger to get to know the highlights of our product portfolio,” says Thomas Nußbaumer, managing director, Palfinger Germany. Palfinger adds that Munich is also one of the most important research locations in Germany; there is a tradition here of cooperation between university, non-university and industrial research. In this environment, the company hopes there will be additional opportunities to expand its research and development partnerships. The first phase of construction, up to 2025, will see the offices and a service and bodywork workshop built. In a second construction phase, the complex will be further expanded. “We are combining several functions - a large showroom, efficient service workshops and modern offices - in an eye-catching new building and offer all services integrated into one location,” explains Gerhard Sturm, senior vice president Global Sales & Service, Palfinger. “ The new location will also enable Palfinger to demonstrate its products in action in a dedicated outdoor arena. “With this exclusive offering, our Palfinger flagship store is absolutely state-of-the-art, not only in Germany,” concludes Sturm. “It represents the Palfinger spirit in a unique way and is an essential hub in our worldwide network of more than 5,000 locations.” #Palfinger #Germany #CranesTodayMagazine

BÖCKER CRANES FOR BERRY TRUCK CRANES Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/bcker-cranes-for-berry-truck-cranes-10549541/ UK crane company expands fleet with truck cranes from Böcker. UK crane rental company Berry Cranes has taken delivery of taken delivery of a new AK 36 and an-other new AK 46 truck crane, made by Böcker. These machines complement their existing fleet of Böcker cranes, with further machines to be de-livered until 2024. This includes orders for brand-new models like the AK 42 and the new AK 48, presented at Bauma 2022 in Munich. At the same time, the company also ordered two addition-al AK 46/6000s and another AK 36/4000 “When we purchased the first Böcker crane in the UK in 2008, little were we to know just how well they would fit in,” said Berry Cranes founder and managing director, Neil Berry. “Some 15 years and 20 new machines later, it was very easy to decide where to place this order. The unique, diverse versatility of the Böcker cranes, coupled with their quality and backup has made this a very easy decision.” #BÖCKER #BerryTruckCranes #AK36 #AK46 #CranesTodayMagazine

ROAD 2015 LLC’S PALFINGER FLEET Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/road-2015-llcs-palfinger-fleet-10549531/ Georgian building block specialist relies on Palfinger cranes to deliver pallets. Building block manufacturer Road 2015 LLC, located in Georgia, has five rear-mounted Palfinger PK 17.001 SLD 3s in its fleet. According to the company the crane’s out-reach of around 13 metres and its lifting moment of nearly 16 metre tonnes make it well-suited to delivering building block pallets. The company also identifies the crane’s radio remote control and Single Link Plus function – where the knuckle joint on the crane’s knuckle boom has been designed to offer increased lifting power at the tip – as being key features it likes. The Single Link Plus also enables the crane to be angled also upwards to work better in tight spaces and through low door openings, Palfinger adds. Road 2015 LLC also uses Palfinger’s crane manipulator on the crane tip. #Palfinger #CranesTodayMagazine

TWO LATTICE BOOM CRAWLERS FOR ALL Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/two-lattice-boom-crawlers-for-all-10549354/ ALL expands fleet with two new Manitowoc MCL300 VPCs, plus VPC-MAX attachments. North American crane rental and sales operation ALL Family of Companies is expanding its fleet with two large Manitowoc lattice boom crawlers, plus attachments. ALL’s order includes two new Manitowoc MCL300 VPCs, two additional VPC-MAX attachments, one MLC300 luffing jib attachment, and one MLC650 3.5-metre-wide boom attachment. The new equipment, expected for delivery in early summer, will be strategically deployed across ALL’s national footprint. The 330-ton class (300 tonne) crawlers have a self-erect mast cylinder designed to reduce set-up time while Manitowoc’s proprietary Variable Position Counterweight (VPC) technology eliminates the need for passive carbody weights — weight that can now be added to the upperworks to increase capacity while retaining performance and on-site mobility. According to Manitowoc, this means reduced transport configurations and a better centre of gravity for reduced ground bearing pressure. The VPC-MAX attachment Also enables the load chart plus the boom and jib combination lengths to be further increased with reduced tail swing – delivering greater lifting capacity in a smaller work environment. “We’re excited to be updating and improving our MLC300-class offering to meet customer demand,” said Rick Mikut, ALL’s crawler crane division manager. “VPC-MAX and MLC300 luffing jibs have proved popular with customers in a variety of markets, including new construction, bridge construction, plant work, and others. “These machines are so strong, and because the VPC-MAX doesn’t touch the ground, they often use less matting than similar-class cranes. With their other features for quick set-up, they get working fast, saving customers time and money.” #ALL #Manitowoc #MCL300 #CranesTodayMagazine

ROLLERCOASTER RIDE Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/rollercoaster-ride-10548788/ German crane rental firm uses new Tadano all terrain to dismantle classic rollercoaster. Five days after taking delivery of a new Tadano AC 3.055-1 all terrain crane Euskirchen, Germany-headquartered crane service provider BSH used it for one of its specialties: dismantling an amusement ride. BSH used the crane to dismantle one of the main rollercoasters at the Düsseldorf Rhine Fair. The rollercoaster had a top height of 32 metres, a track length of over 1000 metres and, when in action, the rollercoaster reached a top speed of 80 km/h. BSH worked in conjunction with a ten-person specialist rollercoaster dismantling team and, in total, there were 600 tonnes of steel, plus add-on components, to take apart. The crane used boom lengths between 24 metres and the maximum possible 50 m, with the largest radius at 36 m. It took two-and-a-half days to dismantle the ride. Due to the nature of the theme park space was limited. “You’d be surprised at the extreme variety of objects that get in the way when putting together and tearing down amusement rides,” says BSH’s senior director Peter Barth. “Thanks to the crane’s Flex Base system we can extend the crane’s outriggers all the way up to the actual obstacles even in asymmetrical configurations and then use the IC-1 Plus to take advantage of the crane’s maximum available lifting capacity.” To carry out the job the crane travelled from Euskirchen to Düsseldorf with its full counterweight and a 12-tonne axle load. No additional transportation vehicles were required. According to Tadano, the crane took just 15 minutes to setup. “The biggest challenge was to keep the way clear for other show people when positioning the crane,” said junior director Peter Barth. “And this was important since things always get really hectic on setup and teardown days and everyone obviously wants to get to the next fairground as quickly as possible. The crane’s compact design really came through for us there.” Because it was the first time BSH had used this crane, Tadano sent an employee to Düsseldorf to provide any help or advice required. #BSH #Tadano #AC3.055-1 #AllTerrain #CranesTodayMagazine

AL FARIS ORDERS 27 MORE LIEBHERR MOBILE CRANES Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/al-faris-orders-27-more-liebherr-mobile-cranes-10548781/ New order for 27 new mobile cranes follows 24 cranes delivered in 2022. Dubai, UAE-headquartered crane and heavy equipment specialist Al Faris is expanding its fleet with 27 Liebherr mobile cranes ordered for delivery in 2023 and 2024. The deal was struck at Bauma 2022. The order follows 24 mobile cranes, with lifting capacities from 110 to 700 tonnes, delivered by Liebherr in 2022. The new order includes six additional LTM 1300-6.3s. “The concept of the LTM 1300-6.3 with its 90-metre telescopic boom combined with compact dimensions is perfect for universal operations here in the Middle East, especially in the energy sector,” said Al Faris shareholder Keonne Pinto. “This type of crane is eagerly awaited in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Al Faris is one of Liebherr's largest customers worldwide and currently has 460 Liebherr cranes in its fleet – including mobile cranes ranging from the LTM 1030-2.1 to the LTM 11200-9.1 and crawler cranes ranging from the LR 1350 to the LR 11000. "Liebherr is the manufacturer with the most comprehensive portfolio of modern and reliable products that always represent the benchmark in their class,” said Al Faris managing partner Hillary Pinto. “In addition Liebherr is continuously optimising its after-sales service which is so important for crane rental companies. Liebherr is a leader in this field. Therefore, Liebherr is not simply our supplier but was, and is, a crucial partner in Al Faris' long success story. Together we will continue on the path of healthy and successful growth." #AlFaris #Liebherr #MobileCranes #CranesTodayMagazine

SARENS REVAMPS TRAINING CENTRE AND ADDS ECOL COURSE Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/sarens-revamps-training-centre-and-adds-ecol-course-10527406/ Sarens has increased its capacity for classroom and practical crane training and adds ESTA’s ECOL to its syllabus. Sarens inaugurated its revamped operator training centre in Wolvertem, Belgium, in December 2022, increasing its capacity both for classroom and practical crane training operations. The centre has also included ESTA’s European Crane Operators Licence in its courses. To mark the development, the company organised an open day giving interested individuals and companies the chance to explore the centre and discover the range of training courses on offer – and also take the opportunity to sit in a crane themselves. Explaining the company’s support for ECOL, Sarens RDTS Manager Line Rigo said: “By adding ECOL to our training centre courses Sarens wants to support and promote the importance of professional competence and skills. Creating a uniform crane operator licence within Europe will make it more transparent to guarantee quality and reliability and more efficient to work in different countries.” Ton Klijn, ESTA director and chair of the ECOL Supervisory Board, said: “Sarens has been a strong supporter of the ECOL concept from the very beginning and we are delighted to see that support being developed in practice.” #Sarens #ESTA #ECOL #CraneOperators #CranesTodayMagazine

SWITZERLAND RECOGNISES ECOL Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/switzerland-recognises-ecol-10527302/ Swiss authorities recognise validity of ESTA’s European Crane Operators Licence scheme. European association for the abnormal road transport and mobile crane rental industry, ESTA, received a boost just before Christmas as its European Crane Operators Licence scheme (ECOL) was recognised in Switzerland by the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund, SUVA (Schweizerische Unfallversicherungsanstalt). Alfred Suter, SUVA health and safety specialist, said, “We were pleased to note that the training of ECOL crane operators meets the requirements of the Swiss Crane Ordinance and the EKAS RL 6510.” As a result, since January 1, 2023, an ECOL licenced operator can request the issue of a SUVA crane operator licence, Kranführerausweis Kat. A, without the need for any further training or testing. Switzerland is the fifth territory to recognise ECOL, following Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and British Columbia in Canada. Talks are also continuing with authorities in Germany, Spain, Ireland and the UK. Ton Klijn, ESTA director and chair of the ECOL Supervisory Board, said, “We are delighted with the decision of the Swiss authorities and thank them for their support. “Standards in Switzerland are very high and if experts there are happy to back ECOL, we hope that will encourage other national authorities to follow suit in the near future. “The potential for ECOL both to raise safety standards and increase efficiency right across Europe is not in question and we look forward to further developments in the near future.” #ECOL #Switzerland #CraneOperators #ESTA #CranesTodayMagazine

WASEL BUYS LIEBHERR EQUIPMENT WORTH €60 MILLION Read or download your free copy here: https://www.cranestodaymagazine.com/news/wasel-buys-liebherr-equipment-worth-60-million-10527205/ Portfolio expansion designed to meet growing demand for sustainability and wind work. In a deal worth 60 million euros (53 million GBP) Bergheim, Rhineland-headquartered heavy logistics provider Wasel, now a subsidiary of the demolition specialist Hagedorn Group, has bought a host of Liebherr cranes including two large crawler cranes: an LR 1700-1.0 and an LR 11000. The order also includes LTM 1750-9.1, LTC 1050-3.1E, and an LRT 1130-2.1, in addition to other Liebherr machines. The two crawler cranes are already the second of their type in Wasel's fleet. "Homogeneity in operator application and workshop operation, as well as ensuring trouble-free and efficient use by the customer, are really important to us," says managing director Matthias Wasel, who manages the business with his brother Thomas. "With the replacement and expansion investments we want to contribute to the ongoing modernisation of the equipment fleet taking into account sustainability aspects with regard to emissions standards." "Wind energy is a crucial component of Germany's energy transition strategy,” adds Thomas Wasel. “Thousands of new high-capacity wind turbines must be erected and disused, smaller turbines must be dismantled." The company says the two new crawlers, in particular, will help it in this sector as they are specially designed to meet the ever-increasing requirements of wind turbine assembly. #Wasel #Liebherr #CranesTodayMagazine