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πŸ“’ Don't miss our June Auctions! πŸš— Join us on our summer road trip with 12 auctions in 9 states for the month of June. πŸ—“οΈ Check out all of our upcoming auctions at www.jeffmartinauctioneers.com and get ready for an awesome auction month! 🌟 Here's a sneak peek at our upcoming June Auctions: Clayton, IN | Thursday, June 1st--> https://bit.ly/06-01-23FR New Ulm, MN | Thursday, June 1st --> https://bit.ly/6-01-2023 Online Auction - North Carolina | June 6th --> https://bit.ly/6-6-23 Glencoe, MN | Thursday, June 6th --> https://bit.ly/06-06-23 Pelzer, SC | Saturday, June 10th --> https://bit.ly/6-10-23 Cleveland, TX | Tuesday, June 13th --> https://bit.ly/6-13-2023 Online Auction - Georgia | June 13th --> https://bit.ly/06-13-23 Pelzer, SC | Thursday, June 15th --> https://bit.ly/06-15-23 Hermon, ME | Saturday, June 17th --> https://bit.ly/6-17-23 Kissimmee, FL | Thursday, June 22nd --> https://bit.ly/6-22-23 Loudon, NH | Saturday, June 24th --> https://bit.ly/6-24-23 Huffman, TX | Tuesday, June 27th --> https://bit.ly/6-27-23 #ExperienceTheDifference with #JeffMartinAuctioneers

πŸ“’ Exciting Announcement! July 25, 2023: Buckner Heavy Lift Crane Excess Equipment Public Auction πŸ—žοΈ We have some incredible news to share! Jeff Martin Auctioneers is thrilled to announce the upcoming Buckner Heavy Lift Crane Excess Equipment Public Auction on July 25, 2023. πŸ“° To learn more about this highly anticipated auction, check out the article below: πŸ”— https://bit.ly/CRANEARTICLE πŸ—οΈπŸ”§ Get ready for a remarkable event where you can bid on a wide range of heavy lift crane equipment. This auction is an opportunity to acquire top-notch machinery that can enhance your operations and take your projects to new heights. πŸ‘‹Have questions or need additional information? Call us at 844.450.6200 πŸ“… Save the date, mark your calendars, and get ready to participate in this extraordinary event! Stay tuned for more updates at www.jeffmartinauctioneers.com #ExperienceTheDifference #JeffMartinAuctioneers #HeavyEquipmentAuction #BucknerCraneAuction #MarkYourCalendars #PublicAuction

🚧 Don't miss the Complete Dispersal Auction of Big M Construction, LLC!!!! Pre-bid NOW HERE: https://bit.ly/05-25-23 Come out & inspect items from 8AM-4PM CT! πŸ“… Auction date: May 25th, 9AM CT πŸ“ Location: 5500 S Frontage Road, Weatherford, OK ALL ITEMS ABSOLUTE! Pipelayers, construction equipment, trucks, trailers, and more! Bid online or live! Call ⭐844.450.6200 ⭐ for info. #ExperienceTheDifference #JeffMartinAuctioneers

Come join us July 25th in Graham, NC for a great offering of Manitowoc Cranes, boom, luffing jibs, trucks, trailers, and ancillary equipment. https://www.jeffmartinauctioneers.com/announcing-july-25-2023-buckner-heavy-lift-crane-excess-equipment-public-auction

Come join Jeff Martin Auctioneers on-site May 19th & 20th in Brooklyn, MS. If you are not able to join us on-site please go to www.jeffmartinauctioneers.com and register to bid your way.

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